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Maldini open the glass courtyard, when private traders who went into the garden, out of the veranda to meet him.Private traders pushing the broad-brimmed straw hat to the back of the head.They together sitting on the veranda. They both did not speak. Maldini to see the face of the brim of the following, and then understand how it was.Morning sunrise. Sergeant told me he there and saw for himself. Maldini looked down from a bulk yarn out of his jacket sleeves.The hypocrisy of hypocrisy, which is hypocrisy. He was ready to die tomorrow. Now, his inner desire to travel the world have disappeared, just like the full sunset like a dream wonderland disappear when darkness falls. He was forced back into the world day after day, night after night – There Glasgow Fuad and Ghali, there is a secret letter writing and mimeographed pamphlet, there are disputes between party comrades and Austria detective conspiracy The trick – the revolution the same old people physically and dmfjndjkg mentally exhausted. There is a huge open space in the depths of his consciousness, a barren place, since the gadfly is dead, that there cheap designer handbags is no bottega veneta handbags person to fill this place.Someone asked a question to him, he lifted his head, wondering what else is worth talking

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about.The Maldini’s face appeared angry, but also exposed the great horror.He clenched his hands over his eyes. Although not seen, but he still felt the side of the private traders startled, he raised his head. Gemma was standing in the doorway.Cesare, you heard the news? Part III – Chapter VIII    Standing tall on the altar] Meng Taini recite hymns, steady tone. Surrounded by furla online shop his priests and acolytes.The entire cathedral decorated magnificent. Festive costumes worn by the carolina herrera bag people come together, to pillars suspension fiery carolina herrera bag curtain and wreaths, no one was overshadowed.Put a red curtain open inlet hot June sun through the curtain folds a dazzling light, like the sun reflect Catcher in the red poppy petals.The convent church members holding candles and torches, holding a cross and the banner of the faithful of each parish to illuminate both sides of the small altar; procession banner silk folds hanging down in the passage, gilded the flagpole bottega veneta handbags and tassels in arches shining. Stained glass windows, the the choir priest white vestments showing colorful colors; shining orange, purple and green square spot on the sun is shining in the floor of the Inner Temple. Behind the altar hung a shiny silver brocade; dragging Cardinal wearing white robes, his figure set off by a curtain, and ornaments, and the lighting of the altar, standing there on the marble statue of the life-giving was shocked.In accordance with the practice of the holiday parade, he is responsible only for celebrating Mass, does not participate in the celebrations, indulgences after the prayer, he left the altar, slowly towards the throne of the bishop. In his passing, priests and lay people to him a deep bow.Meng Taini inside, hanging his head, accepting inlaid stones miter. Served as deacon, priest gave him wear a miter, looked at him for a moment, and then scrape the body forward whispering: Meng Taini inside slightly furla online shop turned. His eyes did not respond.He blames disrupting the Cardinal’s prayer.Familiar with the ceremony to proceed Mengtai Ni stiffly sat there, motionless. Shiny miter and gold brocade vestments reflecting the heavy folds of the brilliant sun, white festive robes drag on the red carpet. Hundred candles of light shine on his chest sapphire and shine deep, calm eyes, but his eyes are not reflective. Hear ] When he was bending over to censer blessing. The sun shine gem, he might think of the magnificent and terrible snow mountains Wizard, head rainbow wearing snow, reach out to sow blessing or a curse.Dedication of the holy bread, he stepped down from the throne, knelt in front of the altar. His every move with an eerie calm dull. He then got up and returned to his seat. Riding Patrol Maj. dressed in festive uniforms sitting behind the Governor when he whispered to the wounded captain said: Is finally agreed, but his mill for a very long time before making a decision.God, the weather was really stuffy!