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Ling Yu’s mind tie wholesale and did not guess

Chapter 59, Fox Spirit has been implicated Ling Yu Free strong promised Su dreamless requirements, but my mind was the name of another abacus tasted a little sweetness, let him stop there, How can it be so easy to do? Su dreamless Ling Yu’s mind tie wholesale and did not guess, but changed the subject, Ce Guotou with sharp eyes staring at him and said: ‘Ling Yu Su dreamless strange eyes do not see, frankly replied: well written and very profound knowledge, relatively cheerful and straightforward personality, should be a good man! contacting him the way you tell him, if his next would have dared to be rude to me or pestering you then blame me his little life! the deep hell oozed chilling.Dream sister that we how to do? Why you will not marry me? Do you hold anything against me? Hope I say so, I must try to do … a lifetime event.Su dreamless seems not bear to tough refused to break his heart, held out his hand gently stroking his hair, sadly fiouunceq said: Ling-yu like eggplant Shuangda Yan, weakly left the Soviet Union dream home.The next day, Hu Hsiao Ke Ling-yu ask him why he Su dreamless rude, and tie wholesale said later do not want to travel with him, and also said Su dreamless very powerful, Hu Hsiao Ke careful.I rude to her out? Between us has been very friendly and friends, I have never not easily offended her! is not the same as to give men play …… Looking at the back of Hu Hsiao Ke Ling Yu heart flashed boss tie a trace of guilt,

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I feel just tone weight a little, after all, a friend, should be good Gehao bulk!Half a month later, Hu small can really no longer bother Ling Yu Ling Yu has always can not help but think of this erudite friend, lived to be 15-year-old Hu small, but only talk about poetry and painting hobby with Ling Yu he gone, Ling Yu always felt something was lacking.This day, the Soviet Union without dreams do housework again help Ling Yu, Liu old man I intend to let them alone, or does something need to leave, asked Ling Yu a few inside into the village to go.Su dreamless busy working and did not hurry to go, but to Ling Yu bedroom to help him clean up the desk did not know the the compliance reasons men and women are not experienced, Ling Yu found her waist and chest more plentiful than before tempting can not help Cuddle walked up to her in his arms.Surprisingly contrary to Ling Yu, Su dreamless and there is no struggle, seem to have forgotten who want to Ling Yu promised not close to her, they once again fell on the bed passion a be just joyous finished, dressed saw Hu Hsiao Ke suddenly drilled from the window in the Ling Yu was shocked, lest he hurt Su dreamless, subconsciously block with open arms in the Soviet Union no dream front.Su dreamless blushing Liu Mei stood silent stood up from the bed, right hand flashed hands have been more of a Baican Can Feijian Hu Hsiao Ke well aware of bad, scared turned and started for the windows fled , Su dreamless jump leaps immediately wholesale scarves behind Hu Hsiao Ke channeling out Ling Yu and quickly climbed up on the window to look, I saw the Soviet Union without dreams has jumped to the front of the empty floors, are looking around to find Hu Hsiao Ke.Ling Yu ponder that Hu Xiao do not know is the story behind, and actually be able to disappear so fast, too much!Su no dream no sign of Hu Hsiao Ke’s put in the hands of small Feijian a throw toward the air discharge fireworks The purpose of light, cheap bow ties only to hear the sound shrill screams sounded something Ling Yu and quickly ran down the stairs, I saw a white fox lying on the ground, his head and body had been home, is out braving the blood scared he froze in place.practice I originally read his practice is not easy, want to put him on a horse, but unfortunately he Lvcisanfan not listen to advice, last night and went to another boss tie village to insult a woman, since he does not repent not go the right way, I had to homicide . Ling Yu gasped a cold lump, so long and actually has been fox in dealing, no wonder he always used the the ambiguous actions wretched own, but fortunately did not hurt by him, saved a life!