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this wench has snapback caps never worn

Face two old total Fengs to smile, the mulberry Yu is in mind cold hum, superficially still smile dimple like flower, ever since that time father because after feelings dispute traffic accident die, these people always hope the mulberry surname acrosses Taiwan earlier.Although she a personal sustaining of very hard, can’t let these dirtily of the old ordinary person see the joke of mulberry surname. “Overpraise, in fact the mulberry surname is just by luck medium this time mark just, real say to turn on water of should be Wei Tung, if Wei Tung not is have intention to let younger generation, how may the younger generation have cure of success again?So the mulberry Yu is being specially thank Wei Dong Cheng for letting.”The mulberry Yu happily keeps the smile on the face. Take over a mulberry surname, she fears attendant situation likes this most , each time is a skin of head crustily, connect down to still have the fierce battle to put together wine to want a dozen, do them this line of of if can’t smoke to drink in addition to play rascal, early as possible accept a hand, so attend party each time, in order to cope with this to help old fox, she will start to beat 12 cents of spirit to parepare for war. The Wei becomes clear had some to embarrassedly smile 2, then transfered a topic:”Mulberry always after death this beauty BE?” “My assistant Yuan smooth young lady.”The mulberry Yu is in response to the way. “Mulberry surname indeed as expected is a woman don’t let man, come out of is all ll of the same party team of women, your house resides catena of in always also fierce, the wrist is very brilliant.”Gao Yuan Peng smiles very ambiguously. “Gao always overpraised.I personal surname that feel mulberry still keeps lacking a talented person very much, another day heel Gao always lends several individuals to come to help, and Gao always don’t loathe to give up.”The mulberry Yu inwardly bit to grind teeth, because got involved at good this third party, made the death all become one cachinnation handle in the whole industry. Gao Yuan Peng hypocritically smiles:”Must be certain.” Just stepped into social Huang You Quan from the school at that time can not cope with a headache matter like this, be regarded as he wanted to help mulberry Yu and also feared nfl snapbacks this severals got a gift more sd2dS2sd Rao not person, will grasp him don’t let go with the business of mulberry Yu, then didn’t first and not make to make expression of eyes to.Still keeps signing in one side quietly after doing not first and not receive a message and looking at both parties with cool look lips gun heated dispute. At this time, the always silent river keeps in mind deeply thick voice way:”Said so along while, you is not dry either.Bless spring, and your Lao Tze?Call him to dare to roll out quickly!Recruit person come, oneself’s shrinking hasn’t been coming out, you wear for crest here and calculate which son matter?Long smallpox on the face shameful?” A handsome face of Huang You Quan is whole to suppress red. The mulberry Yu tooks a look a river the bosom is deep, for this hateful face big uncle, what she understood isn’t a lot of either and just ambiguously understood him to once serve prison term and afterwards started getting involved this profession after coming out, very short several years, originally very small river sail adornment development become now of river sail group, the personality belonged to that kind of to keep around and most disliked other people that kind of affect certain airs to do power of adjust, estimate drive they by so doing a go to of words give vexed arrive, so would get mad. She slowly lowers the head, skillfully concealed went to the impulse that wants to smile, lift a head again, then crash into a rightness of the eyes that the Yi Yi becomes bright.She returned a to record cold stare, don’t lead a face, in whisper to the Yuan smooth order:”Treat will those old rascals will definitely infuse my wine of, call severals of Yang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kuns to act according to circumstances.” “H’m.”The Yuan smooth hand tightly grasps skirt, one step a twist ground to walk to the another heap of person. The vice- stupid kind that see Yuan smooth, the mulberry Yu is to a little bit regret, early know that this wench has snapback caps never worn this kind of to late pack, how of also definitely and first lend her a few sets to practice at home in the nba snapback hat evening every day, the lo is that high-heeled shoes, seem at chew her feet. Suddenly, the feet of mulberry Yu also followed Wei once and bit lips, she displeasedly looking at Yuan smooth of made a pounce upon a men’s body up, is Ji to talk then O.K., hand, that wench didn’t fall down.Tightly hold a fist, the mulberry Yu cans not help being smooth for Yuan of kneaded the sweat, if the Yuan is smooth of fall off, threw a person anything but the Yuan is smooth, but her mulberry Yu.She how can has this kind of teacher younger sister, isn’t the H greatly an elite?This wench how at the beginning enter H big? “You are all right?” A voice with charming grace floats into mulberry Yu of ear inside, her body fiercely one Jiang, because the waist is up taking a hand. “All say that the building materials house resides an industry to exert a rascal male, indeed as expected quite good.”Mulberry Yu’s jilting to open doesn’t first and not put in the hand on her waist and coldly warn him by expression of eyes:Don’t consider as correct the total representative director of this subitem, she will make him take advantage of. First non- stand stand hand, the mouth Cape still keeps hanging light smiling face and took a look Yuan smooth of, then one word 1 slowly say:”The mulberry is total, I think that you misunderstood.Just I just see you have the trend to to follow to fall down, so just the good heart hand you 1.”