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the Palace armani tie family four kinds of evil

In Willow Wind Did you have met my half brother very unexpected cloud concept such as the biological father actually is the the Qinglong Walled Zhaizhu cloud laugh days, while the mother was actually my master. I can not afford this unexpected blow, the raising of the master of my 20 years turned out to be my mother? God why he gave me to open such a big joke?My heart is very sad, hated that called cloud Xiaotian man, he let the master for over 20 years living in pain, I want to want retaliation for the mother, fiouunceq but again and again could not do it, he After all, my father, and I miss a silk scarf lot of years of biological father, who can tell me exactly how to do this?In this time, Qinglong Walled misfortune the several within boss ties thieves commit rebellion, Zhaizhong precarious cloud Xiaotian seriously injured. I eventually cut the contradictory thoughts, rescued him unwilling to admit the identity of his father, but persistent, no matter how he explained to me that much difficulties, I do not want to hear it, just think of the back of that appalling Master scars, I can not allow yourself to forgive him.See on a concept such as the parts, I came forward The Xiaotian vindicated Bangyun within the thief to restore the tranquility of Qinglong Village.Cloud Xiaotian asked me to take him to see the master, he said he would like to own the rest of the atonement to Master. I think Master twenty years has been repeatedly singing the first song he sent Master has been still in love with this man who hurt his deepest Fan natural understand, then agree to take him into Lily Valley, and promised that as long as the master is willing to forgive him, I will admit to his father.Next thing goes well beyond my unexpected beloved master cloud Xiaotian natural easily forgive him, but again I was surprised offerings tert sworn brother turned out to be cloud Xiaotian, when the two brothers at the same time love Master, Master has all of my heart flutter in cloud Xiaotian body, when the cloud Xiaotian cruel abandon Master of consideration had offerings tert-but to his beloved woman willingly life lurking in the valley, lily, hard working and taking care of We are mother and daughter.The cloud Xiaotian Laoleizongheng fell to his knees in front of the offerings tert, two brothers and numerous pathetic.Master held cloud Xiaotian, burberry neckties a simple wedding, after twenty years, the two lovers finally overcame many obstacles to burberry neckties come together, I finally own parents.Father decided to stay the Lily Valley with her mother, but worried about the brother concept such as the, and Qinglong Walled, asked me to go help him. Ming tert willing to go with me, says mother since been reunited with his father, he can rest assured.

silk scarf

Wife meaning heavy for the elderly, so we feel grateful again.I read as already accepted each other as siblings, is no longer so anxious just know this fact. Help his RBI the the some time Zhaizhong affairs, and the offerings tert stay in Zhaizhong to, I began to set foot on the arena Road.Aimlessly hanging around a few places, inadvertently encounter magic charm Palace and the Palace armani tie family four kinds of evil, and I decided to think of a way to good to punish them.Secretly track a month, not only rescued by chance they spell trapped cold Mengzhu also heard that they conspired to frame-up Golden Lishui Town patriarch, the aim is to win the patriarch house priceless heirloom.I went to Lishui Town, to find the patriarch, prepare the palace with Xiao Lu Ni conspiracy told him, in his home to see a date night and think of Willow Wind, he is holding a two-year-old little boy amused, affectionate child called his The Willow Wind boss ties wife, his wife, Lu Yao beads patriarch’s daughter, Willow Wind savior!I am silly in place, such as thunderstruck originally this raw this world is no longer possible to encounter Willow Wind coincidence did not expect it in this case, do not know that God is in favor of me or tease me when I was desperate, but Let such unexpected results!Willow Wind ye see me, surprised inexplicable, and deeply grieved, to sit down and tell the other after each other.The original Willow Wind in finding my path was a mischievous stab in the back, desperate to flee to gold Lishui Town, in critical condition in hunting rescued Lu Yao beads, clothing puzzled with the care of a month, and finally out of danger, which saved his life.Willow Wind thought I was already dead, after two years under the auspices of the patriarch married Lu Yao beads wife.Lu Yao beads already know I Willow Wind betrothal of things, and their son is called Liu Si Luo, specifically for the remembrance of me armani tie and take generous Lu Yao bead know her husband’s mind, back to my set of tablets, let the son of a filial worship I.Listen to Willow Wind said these, I have a heart pain touched me as Willow Wind encounter such a good woman happy, but to cut off their own and the pain of this situation. Lu Yiu-chu is a good woman, this good woman does not generate jealousy because my arrival, but a very warm reception I. I told them the the Nangong Fierce Eagle and the the magic charm Palace Miyaji