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the asic gel kayano book of Zhao

Sign at and in addition to type door, mulberry Yu one face Mo Ming is wonderful, don’t know oneself where made him again, can think he again is a periodic MC to go into action. The weather is colder and colder and leave Christmas have no two day, girl dormitory inside again discussion rise how lead the topic of Christmas. The mulberry Yu is at the thought of last year drive three the times with consciencelessly gave up friend to collectively abandon emitted three Zhangs for the fire, however making her meet was lucky first and not, she must lead romantic Christmas with him this year.Original she intends to use money that she earns by herself and help don’t first and not buy one set computer of, school begins to have no for several days as a result, he took out money to buy a by himself set. O.K., a certain she went home to turn leisurely several turn, stumbled on international well-known interior design teacher in the old daddy’s den Kenneth is originally still a signature the asic gel kayano book of Zhao, is soft with old daddy to whet hard bubble for a long time, just get that book. The stupid bird generally vulgar thing in her house isn’t worth looking at, this Kenneth personally sign book will be all the designers long for day and night most , she wants thoroughly and packs once and sends to the stupid bird, as this year’s Christmas presents, give him an accident surprised pleased. “Small Yu, you this year how to lead Christmas?And once Zi Ao?”The sand sand asks. “Slice!The whole H mostly knows the Zi Ao once handed over big one new-born MM of again, this man ah, change the heart canned really be sd2dS2sd quick.”Think is doing an emergency mask, she must at Christmas the emergence of that beautiful United States at male friend piece honest in front. “You don’t strange Zi Ao, is that I let him down.”Hear give up friend Sun the Zi Ao wasn’t a taste either in the mulberry Yu heart once, all after all because the disaster that she asked for, harm once the Zi Ao wasn’t only pointed out a point by the at the back to say that Be dumped by her, this sought again the girl friend will also be said that changing the heart is quick. The beginning beginning connects words:”However also can not blame a somebody else, the somebody else is so good to you, you don’t want to die thinking of brains that is first and not.” Think to say:”I hear that once the Zi Ao seemed to turn sex, this big MM broke the record of his all association girl friends, certainly in addition to the mulberry Yu was this idiot.2 people together, this calculated all quickly a semester.” The beginning beginning says:”I say that you had and discovered, the our H big handsome boy suddenly abrupted a while, a per, hear that this is big a freshman, and then entered a handsome boy, call what Ji talk then.” “To to to, I also heard and said and last year of once the Zi Ao had of on putting together, is also spent big turnip of heart 1, but his public praise ratio once the Zi Ao had to be bad, somehow once Zi Ao brush-off girl’s being not so heartless, he was to make somebody else’s girl smile and cry to return to.”Think to add. The sand sand sighed an one breath and said:”Again bad not just and as usual someone ex- leave for subsequence.Alas, why he if big a freshman, if and we are 1, much good?I can imitate by east.”Eyes of sand sand keep hanging up the ground looking at mulberry Yu. The mulberry Yu knocked a sand sand by the gift wrapping paper in the hand, way:”Effect you head!Lazy must manage you, a see the handsome boy can not walk anymore, all old cow a head of, also want to eat delicate grass.” “Slice, your one person had 2/3, disallow us dirty-minded?”Think to hang up on the shoulder of mulberry Yu, ” I say small Yu, that stupid bird you shoot not to come down, small once you again don’t , not equal to you asic shoes go to that Ji speech then to fix, give us the large and female fellow citizens export bad spirit.” “Nerve!”Mulberry Yu white think one eye. “One is thousand years, iceberg type, 1 are a perfect gentleman type, 1 is an evil A to cast a glamour a type.Mulberry Yu, you make these several years of H greatly lived High exactly.”The sand sand also cannots help but making fun of. “Sick!”Mulberry Yu again white the sand sand is one eye and listen to them with it bothersome and rather wrap a gift well. “You 2, don’t join in the fun in disorder.Small Yu, this book do you want to send to the whose?Did your Christmas economize a person?Sky of”beginning the beginning see mulberry Yu to pack a gift at that and cannot help but asking and immediately after open a gift box and take out the book of inside and turn over to open asics tigers mexico 66 page 1 to see the above signature and immediately exclaimed, “, this is Kenneth the master’s book, is still a signature originally.Is this the Christmas present that you want to send a person?!Send to the whose?” Think and the sand sand gathered together to come over. The mulberry Yu lightly humed 1:”Send me the boyfriend of.” “Your boyfriend?!”Three people immediately screamed. “Do you when hand over boyfriend?” “BE who?Our school of?” “Still have who than first not and once can the Zi Ao even draw on you?!” See three personal shocked shapes, the mulberry Yu picked to pick eyebrow, a bit not great, she hands over boyfriend is a piece so difficult matter?Lightly bent curved lips Cape, she answered a way:” First and not.” “Is first and not!!!”Three people shout to make a noise in the meantime again, full face of can not believe.