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Science center asics running shoes men indeed

“Not be saying, Cuo.”Do not know when, telephone that of the person have already become Chen Zi Jia, Su Cuo listens to his low voice sigh, orotund Wen Cui is sd2dS2sd good to listen, ” I once learned many year pianos as well.I know to want third piano concerto play is how long will it take and what extent so much of scholastic attainment.You really think that you does this lend to sound to have much of conviction?” “There is no conviction yes, a little conviction all has no.”Su Cuo lightly says that” since doesn’t believe me, that don’t ask me the reason.” Su Cuo hangs a telephone first. Process of the affair of game, Su Cuo is regarded as a to run at school but red. Ascend common physical this lesson of, read aloud Su Cuo because of teacher’s roll call, the whole persons of colleges all turn head to see her and turn head a rate to basically come to an a hundred per cent. Common physical course basically is a student come the most whole.What to ascend commonness was a before old professor, a month antecedent disease went to hospital and at that time could not find a person generation lesson, physics college of vice- director white professor white border the Lin went to battle a teaching in person.He is very young, this year however 35, but the artistic talent is horizontal to overflow and do a some results;Young and the professor’s a characteristics of energetic and daring is scathing, each stanza lesson necessarily has a roll call.The whole college nobody dare not have a class. Su Cuo is careless of”arrive”ed 1, faced an eying of various person, don’t frightened as well strange;To anticipate white to conjecture a short moment of Su Cuo, and then say 1 between the Lin:”Su Cuo stays after the class.” What affair do I do amiss?The first Su Cuo mind is this.I have never broken the law to commit crime, I never miss class, my result is very good, oh, certainly, in addition to English.Which affair worth does he call mine alone? The other party is a director, Su Cuo has no that courage to drop an idea light heart. Su Cuo sees after the classmates about leave after the class, just very careful Ceng to speak before the table, “white professor-” The white hands glasses between the Lin, the attitude moderately says:”The words done not become nervous to have a meal, go to my laboratory 1.” “Not nasty not nasty.”Su Cuo is smiling. White border the Lin anticipate the Na rice experiment laboratory not at physics college of laboratory, in science experiment center.While entering a school Su Cuo once heard each laboratory of science inside in the experiment center was a nation to spend a huge sum, equipments frequently must, carelessly person’s etc. can not at will pass in and out, her in the mind was a stomach Fei very much at that time a burst of, completely had never thought oneself so quickly and then can step into this legendary mansion, absolutely too quick. Science center asics running shoes men indeed as expected has a liking for to go to different from another building, inside of absolutely may compare a five-star cabaret.On the ground connect some dusts all have no.Certainly the in the mind of Su Cuo is also understand and have no dust for preventing and curing static electricity, inside of equipments really all very baby. “Arrive.”White border the Lin come to a stop. The Na rice material laboratory inside is also different from Su Cuo imagination in of so also spotless, as peaceful and serene as science another place in the center.Contrary, inside very noisy, three graduate students just at in is at 1:00 what things endless debatable, fight not as well happy, completely have never discovered white to teach with Su Cuo enter house.Their part is noisy and simultaneously say this a lot of words, the Chinese-English mixs up, Su Cuo listens to half the words all don’t understand. Su asics whizzer Cuo follows white border the Lin walk into small office.She takes a suck at spirit and prepares to accept an order at any time. White border the Lin pointed to point a computer screen.Su Cuo gathers together past one eye, a foolish, oneself writes of did the procedure how run to his computer to come up? “Is this it you that ascend part of procedures that the companies write for official?” “I don’t know what company, ” Su the Cuo Mo is one Mo and say:” The friend introduces to me of part-time, they want to develop a software, I am responsible for one among those parts.Are you how can anyone know?” “I am the adviser of this company, afterwards discover that you incredibly are the student of my class, ” white border the Lin eyes expose applause, “rare.Studying is original very favour, still is writing procedure, and still so severe, the graduate students fastenning than the calculator are all strong to be getting tooer many.The your midterm result is also very good, is English to need to be repaired.” Su Cuo shakes head:”My English is bad.” White border once the Lin tone turn, “Su Cuo, you of file data up say, your parents early dies and grow up in other people’s home?” Exactly is a teacher, mention this kind of topic on the whole, the tone also manages of divide fitting, very the open heart is moderate.Su Cuo bites asics running lower lip:”Is not other people, my uncle’s aunt got to keep me.” “There is difficulty on that your economy?Why don’t apply for scholarship?” Su Cuo hangs the head down to looking at a shoe point, at heart comes up endless mournful:”They are rich and also give me much money, very good to me, elephant close daughter.But I don’t want to spend their money again.” The words sound till the last and a little bit sobs, white border the Lin listen to also have a little regrets.He taught many students and had never seen this beautiful girl wanting to be strong to arrive this situation.He say:”I give you a work, you don’t to do.”