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baby, or named Liu can not give birth to me the intention to kill, you take it! sheets of yellow paper and handed Wang Lin. Wang Lin did not pick up, with a sigh, smile: Zhang Hu frowned and said: Wang Lin bitter took longer speak. This life is a secret disciple! Chapter XXVII visit Wang Lin looked at the back of Zhang Hu, after a long sigh, shaking hands in the yellow paper, some sad heart, Zhang Hu Heng Yue sent a friend now, but such a thing occurred. far more than all the visiting relatives cents symbol, in addition to more that there was a danger circulated out of breath from above, Wang Lin heart surprised, though not know this in the end handbags wholesale is what, but it is definitely a baby. Little hesitation, Wang Lin, the yellow paper away, looking at the ground dead bodies, he Antan heard this corpse If you do not dispose of the speed of Zhang Hu, is likely to escape the sects kill. Fortunately, storage bag big enough to hold a body, Wang Lin in the room to pack some wipe the bloodstains, whisper-quiet wholesale fashion handbags departure, hopes of finding a mountain stream in the mountains, threw down the body, this cautious the back room. Mixed feelings about it, he is not to think about ZhangHu things, but to come up with that fairy character, careful study. This fairy character at first glance, seems nothing different relatives with a secret disciple, careful observation, Wang Lin, the material above scarlet strokes, should be far more than the former. Wang Lin pinching cents character, pondered a little, and he did not know the specific role of this fairy character, since the date of hastily drank dew almost killed, his fairy of these things, with a deep wariness, can not easily be used indiscriminately . Plus cents character vaguely revealing a trace of a dangerous atmosphere, the more his mind a cautious endless hesitated cents symbol on the storage bag for later study. Once this is done, he took out a mysterious beads into a dream space. This time, he did not put all his energies in breathing on, but take the time to practice the gravitational surgery.Wang Lin eyes flashing. Their own hands heart he guesses. His body. I do not know whether to resist the junction of monks fully pondered a little, Wang Lin eyes flash. Slowly nodded his head. The passage of time. This day. The memory of the heritage of the ancient god of the land in this store. Already there is no existence handbags wholesale of any ice crystals. Just in the middle here. Floating in a deep blue color giant cocoon. This cocoon is not unusual. On throughout the fine crack pattern. If a closer look. You will find the pattern with the ancient god painted our body to trace mulberry handbags outlet the same one. This giant cocoon. Has numerous years

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now this. There has been no sign of any broken ground. Everything around him. As if some mysterious force static general. No years. No change. Wang Lin’s body. Lying cocoon he double closed. Heartbeat stopped many years ago beating. The whole person. In a death-like virtual state. His soul. At this point in disarray. This last ice fusion takes time until now. However over the sum before ninety-three. His sanity. Immersed in the memory of the ancient god to. He saw the coated Division from ancient god of life from the moment of birth. Until the decision of inverse repair ink flow wholesale fashion handbags of divine spells. This series of things. It looks as though he is personally experienced general. To the last. Wang Lin, even a feeling. He is the ancient God. This sense of confusion. Until very avoid all remember | the final integration of the moment. Uncontrolled burst open. So Wang Lin Chi has been in a dormant state. I do not know how long. Ancient god heritage land of giant cocoon. Suddenly issued a Followed. Kaka sound constantly came from a giant cocoon. The slightest fine rupture. This giant cocoon on cracking veins. As if the original veins into the slightest of cracks in general. Quickly. Entire giant cocoon. At this moment. From giant suddenly exposed to a systemic ** sub. This white hair black eye. Looks ordinary. But a kind of unspeakable temperament. At this point, he is. Eyes closed. Cardiac arrest. No breath of life. After a long time. Suddenly opened his eyes. Like within contains the infinite power of. Clouds billowing in the eyes of the pupil at munfdjkwn drifting away. Wang Lin slowly exhale stretch. He looked down at the body of their own land. Combines ice after ninety-four. At this point, he is. Clearly feel to the tough mulberry handbags outlet the extent of the site of the body. Although not tested. Impossible to speculate to what extent can achieve in the end. But believe Wang Lin. This body. Definitely will give his future survival grasp. Bring multiple of improved. Recall that before the last crystal fusion. Now he is still a lingering fear if it is in the integration ice crystals more fiftieth. He has been cautious. In order to completely absorb all the slowdown in the fusion rate. Which has laid a solid foundation. Unless this is done.