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finally draws out 47 snapback

Don’t first and not start to embrace her that a moment to start from, her consciousness is getting more misty, the whole personal beginning delivers very hot, the acute pain of the stomach department a burst of, making her painful must can not move.Ambiguously in, she knows he embraces she hurtled into a kindness to fellowmen hospital of emergency room, disturbed a heap of doctor nurse.Then, she starts getting a fever;Then, she hears the doctor say a lot of, only impatient enterogastrtis five words she understands;Then, she is pushed sickroom, two angels are on her back of the hand tied three needles at least, then, ambiguously hear a men is roaring, again then, she asleep Burned to back, the whole individual was also comfortable, stomach also not Be getting more painful, being just left hand arm the ice-cold numbness was already.She in an absent sort of way looking at medicine water follows long thin lose a liquid of tube, the importation vein of one every drop in, seem to be horary sand filter, remind her, time runs off in 1.1 drops. Moved to move stiff left arm, stretch out right hand, the mulberry Yu would pull out an intravenous drop.At this time, doesn’t first and not carry thermos bottle to come in and sees the action of mulberry Yu, thermos bottle with once the hand put and then hurtled to come over and held tight her right hand and roared a way:”You at dry what?Do you know not to know that you are getting sick?!” Took out to take out a hand, the mulberry Yu didn’t draw out and lifted Mou to see toward and lightly say first and not:”My time is very precious, I need one more minute here and flow to drip ground is my money.” “You if don’t finish hanging water in my darling ground, the mulberry surname flows of new era snapback hats money is more!”Does not first and not have never liked spirit ground back and grasps her hand but doesn’t relax. “That is also my business, is as irrelevant as you!” “In fine, you don’t finish hanging water, don’t think this!” The 2 people’s big eye stares the effort of small eye, the door outside signs none of two people dares into to bother, one is a jade Fang of Chen2 Mu Wu, she is come over for nasty Zhao by the son of, also emphasize to take a pot of gruel, another is Yang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kun, from the emperor court all the way with get to kindness to fellowmen hospital, etc. wear tell mulberry that river Tung of total river’s sail invited the business that she has a meal to talk to adjust goods in the evening, but due to her body stay by the side beside of the evil spirit is very bad of Chen2 Zong, he has been daring not speaking. Wu Yu Fang says:”You still just what does this see?Your mulberry always can not transact today, you can return to.” “But I really have urgent matter and wholesale snapbacks our mulberry concourse report.” “That you and my son say and let him turn to tell.” “?”Yang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kun in astonishment looking at Chen2 Mu, and then points 2 people in the sickroom uncertainly ask, “two of thems ” “To, right!”Chen2 Mu ordered to nod. Really there is one leg? Yang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kun marvelously tooks a look 2 people in the sickroom again, exultation in heart, no wonder that that item manager secretly tell him to let the mulberry always seeks Chen2 Zong in person, be really such as newspaper up say.This bottom provides goods for time of business said so much, also have him must tell the mulberry always has a meal together with river Tung in the evening of matter, is hesitating, the cellular phone called again, is the telephone of river’s sail, unexpectedly notify that the appointment changes at tomorrow noon, he hurriedly promises. At present the dinner party solved, seeing a circumstance him shoulds not bother two people of inside, either.Wanted to think, he spiraled the message to the mulberry total cellular phone up. Hear the message is ringing, the mulberry Yu stares at the wallet of one side and finally draws out 47 snapback a hand from the first not- big Zhang and moved to leave a body, will take the wallet of one side. “I to take.” First and not from her wrap in take out her cellular phone, pass to she. Open a cellular phone, the mulberry Yu saw Yang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kun’s short news and immediately breath a sigh of relief, she then didn’t first and not say to:”Whether you can also agree to postpone for 12 days river’s sail agrees to adjust goods to the mulberry surname, ?” ” The company don’t talk public affairs.”Does not first and not open thermos bottle and poured a bowl of pure gruel, ” has you never had a meal and then run to seek me at noon?Sleep shortage doctor says that your food has no regulation and smokes to drink to excess over a long period of time, , the spirit oppress, the stomach and intestines function seriously weaken, then ate what not sd2dS2sd clean the mucosa taking sick original germ and the food of toxin, just causing a stomach and intestines way is impatient burning disease.” Ate not clean thing? The mulberry Yu is wrinkly to knit the brows, in addition to eating the bread that took out from the refrigerator last night, she has never eaten what not clean thing. “I let my mama now cook of, monster snapback eat a point first.”Did not first and not blow to blow a boiling hot gruel and sent to mulberry Yu of lips side. ” First and not, don’t you feel that you are very boring?” “I don’t feel boring, at least I can’t feel money than the person’s body of more important.” “This isn’t my problem of personal gain and loss and also have how many shareholders, there are also so many employees of mulberry surname groups, my mulberry Yu can with whole body light, but do I want to treat to how they hand over?”