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discount asics he once again into the point of having nothing to do

In desperation, Wang Lin soul of a move away from the corpse of the giant, the kind of cold feeling appeared again, his corpse floating in nothingness, looking for the next appendage. This process continued for a long time, Wang Lin in nothingness, each hopes of finding a body, he would be subjected within the same mysterious species is still constantly lunged to his, he swallowed. His soul more and grow, gradually swallowed the powerful species almost become a habit of Wang Lin, he slowly swallowed by the passive, become proactive. Or, Wang Lin, here, to be a long, long time he has his own memory, search countless times, munfdjkwn done asics outlet before everything, he even carried out a detailed analysis, the last even ndjvcjkss analysis finished, he really has nothing to do, I suddenly remembered had been that the matrix method book. He immediately recalled the contents of that book and began discount asics to deduction. The basis of the matrix method has been to that book was completely projections finished, discount asics he once again into the point of having nothing to do. In countless years, Wang Lin has more than once seen cracks in space in exports, but his asics tigers mexico 66 soul is too large, so large that simply can not be drilled from that small cracks. But he found growing as his soul, although it is not drilled Since slit, but each impact will that cracks appear signs of collapse, but such an impact at most only continuous 1 2 times, after that the cracks will disappear automatically. 1,2 times the impact can not let cracks crash, Wang Lin know, this is because the body of his soul is still not big enough, Thus, to the impact of the crack, Wang Lin crazy asics outlet phagocytosis. He thoroughly shuffled around the idea of ​​looking for the bodies

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to be subjected, but in the immense nothingness, fast moving, and whenever it is found that the mysterious substance, he will be swarmed go directly swallowed. This life lasted a long time, whenever a crack is found, he will try to hit the increasingly heavy signs of collapse, Wang Lin know, as long as they stick to it, there will be two times the impact cracks can crash the asics tigers mexico 66 day. But as time spent, Wang Lin found the nothingness that mysterious species, seem to completely disappear, no matter how he looking for, and could not find asics running shoes one. So he increased the scope of the search, and all of a sudden, the surge with comparable body soul Wang Lin and Wang Lin met Wang Lin found that for the first time, actually almost soul. Wang Lin Yi Zheng, immediately, in the same way, the outgoing one soul. Leave? Why did you leave? Can not leave here … Wang Lin, a little silence, from the other side of the discourse, he hear a hint of the meaning of this space within the fractures, the soul body with him, there should be some, there may be even more powerful soul. Each other, should have the presence of similar territory once the sector is likely there will be a fierce fight, not you die, that I die swallowed. After the encounter of an accident, Wang Lin u-turn, results in four weeks, he found that a total of three of the same with his huge body soul through the exchange, Wang Lin know, to its own strength, can not be in 1,2 under within the crashed space crack. Wang Lin, the return of a very firm determination, he was quiet for a long time, the thought of a crazy plan. This day, his soul all spread out, quickly put all his territory covered, the proliferation of the soul, the greater the fluctuations are more intense. Wang Lin closely watching every soul affected the scope position, suddenly, in a position a subtle space crack, Wang Lin, without any hesitation, the soul immediately probe into entering into the moment, he decided cut off the soul of that wire smoothly into the space within the fractures of the soul, with the disappearance of the cracks, that a trace of soul also lost induction. Wang Lin, do not have any emotional fluctuations, continue to wait for the next appearance of cracks. (Afternoon chapter, rest assured, I will not write the king Linpang soul, and finally all dissipated, this back, that, too stuck on the next chapter, the answer will be announced.)One hundred and twentieth Wang Lin regression Xu Hao, the three comprehension States Julu spiritual Takemune six generations of disciples, He sat on a huge pumice, finishing their own spoils the past few years, at this moment, suddenly, his acoustic Jade Jane dramatic flashing. Xu Hao Wei Zhou brow, come up with Jade Jane on the forehead, and suddenly a rapid voice sounded in his soul. Acoustic by friends to know he extraterritorial battlefield Ge Yang, his two per capita are built the base late repair, often teamed up to kill Indiana, with the rather tacit.Xu Hao listening to, looking slightly changed immediately, followed exposed ecstasy of color, the soul is the most precious thing extraterritorial battlefield, complete talisman is scarce.