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drinking death of me. Chapter XV suspect The afternoon also one more – He stumbled went to the table next, holding a water bottle down for a long time did not pour a drop of help Yizheng, rubbed his eyes, four the next look, found the bedding dry crumpled, slumped canada goose parka sale on Wang Lin bvlgari outlet said: Wang Lin smile, opened the door and said: . Zhang Hu Shi Jin shook his head and said: Wang Lin did not care for him, out of the door, this time outside or under a light rain, he was thinking a little one, hurried out of the worry about rain beads cause vision, he was a rarity in some alley, out to the left around the right around from the East Gate, road all fell upon the water droplets are mysterious beads absorbed he was quite nervous, for fear of being abnormal, before he intended to hide in the room, carefully think we give up, that the outside is still hidden in the safe. All the way to the possession of dew gourd Fortunately, this time the weather did not broad daylight, not many people get up early, Wang Lin walking extremely careful, determined no one after he quickly put the beads hidden here. Once this is bvlgari outlet done, to his relief, he intended the rain, come back to take away the baby, looked around, Wang Lin left cautious. To chores Department, he was going to pick up a bucket, when Liu, a disciple of the door the suddenly emerged Passion color, stepped forward grabbed the bucket of Wang Lin in the hands of the mouth and said: Young Wang, . Wang Lin Yi Zheng, each other’s face, he was very familiar with, generally goes for their own relatives, but he does not want to understand, surnamed Liu, which sing out. Liu brothers, my father and mother body Fortunately, no work, you care about. Young ah, you did not have to every day starting so early, Young, not I say to you, before the brothers and

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joking with you, so that you hit the water tank 10 canada goose parka sale a day, but you had really, really believe the future of day water tank on the line, but do not bother playing not played to dinner time you asics shoes on sale go to eat, if it was difficult for you, you reported on the name of the brothers, so that! . Wang Lin, head exposed a strange color. Hesitated. Asked: Liu, a disciple immediately reveal dissatisfaction with the color. Pretend angry and said: means click on the line that time dry land is good or bad, not brothers and my sentence Well today rain. you Jiubeng work on Young a few days before Sun elders find you you back. or go to the elders to report chan luu bracelets what is good. He slanting eyes and to see Wang Lin how to react. Wang Lin, a little one. Expression of exposed faint smile on munfdjkwn his face. The heart guess most of the reasons. Listen to each other to mean. The Sun Presbyterian own left to come here to find their own. This asics shoes on sale was surnamed Liu afraid misunderstanding. So today in every possible way to curry favor. He did not point out. Learn each other to look like in the original. Liu the disciple see Wang Lin expression. Heart slightly dengkou. More to determine their own guesses. Underground passage which wastes kid given the go Goushi Yun. Actually really catch the elders. Otherwise it would not be so arrogant. This kid is a look at the kind of person that is particularly vengeful. Before making things difficult for him. This kid in the future will have whole. He became a secret disciple thirteen years. Chores at six. Also never see which elders are willing to come and find a secret disciple. Weekdays, even if it is sent the Disciples came. Are also things not to land. He thought the Wang Lin might offend the elders. Not, as their own guess is so. But he was not sure. He is not afraid of ten thousand I’m afraid if. Hang Yue camp for many years. He knows there is water deep. A little secret disciple. Is too trivial. Thought of this, he is a vicious bite, arms out from a yellow paper slips Wang Lin, said: What should accept it, if you do not … Before he finished, Wang Lin grabbed the yellow paper, his eyes just swept away, and immediately found a secret disciple relatives cents character. Liu brothers nodded envy said: Wang Lin, the surface calm, yet inwardly raised doubts, this Sun elders, actually personally come to their own, in the end, in order to anything? With questions, Wang Lin leisurely to the hospital is walked, the way the mind analysis possible, but eventually confused. . Before long, they came to a positive hospital newspaper had come, there’s still that white youth, he slightly surprised, quipped: Wang Lin eyebrows a challenge, and was about to speak, far from being hospital came the sound of a Sun elders. The white youth shoot out the lip, and looked very deep the Wang Lin glances, apart from anything else went to the hospital. Wang Lin silence followed.In addition, Wang Lin was also informed that the repair magic overseas Wai