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the bed to watch snapback caps television

But she averts from Chen Zi Jia because afraid the commitment of that oneself disobeyed an in the mind.She is absolutely favorite to Chen Zi Jia, and liked very early, however each time that kind of visible result each time come out to come once, she put out that spark.Be like Su Zhi to say of, Su Cuo is a definite ostrich-do not involve feelings, her day can probably also lead next go to;Once involve, she starts hiding, can hide how long hide how long, met in a narrow path to pack not to know and be full of smiles complaisance to stay calm and collected to push away person, a grind teeth to the least bit ignore outside person’s dead live, she is also really cruel- Under the go game of good girl’s sub- idea can hide very deeply, and she again after so many matters, far than thinks with the age girl’s son more deeply and more and far, as long as she would like to, can have much of calculations-although Chen Zi Jia is also intelligent and to some extent that say heel Su Cuo half catty and eight ounces(this a pair extremely goes together with), still wasn’t likely to know in the beginning that the girl of in front, this beautiful tactful will hide worry so and deeply- Still some places, the An will be taking turns to slowly say in outside Cough Climb-down Another:Particularly thank swallow the beauty pick a wrong character and see you one message each time, the An starts scared Dan Zhan The short piece takes turns to outside gather Fragment of a New Year’s Eve “Does your heel father descend into nfl snapbacks draw today?” Will sleep the past ex- moment hears the someone slightly take to smile an idea of this asks words, the idea of sleeping of Su Cuo spread greater half, and she opened eyes. Is exactly New Year’s Eve, 2 people depend on the bed to watch snapback caps television in of evening party, what she saw is drowsy;The enlargement energy of Chen Zi Jia hugs tight she 1:00, seem so can force her nap walk. “Yes, draw.”The side of Su Cuo says that the side stretches out a hand and touches the book of bed side and just touched a book cover, but the hand was grasped by Chen Zi Jia back to fill inside in the quilt. “Did you let him?”Chen Zi Jia kisses her forehead and eyes and smiles to ask. Su Cuo sees him and slowly say, “play chess with father, who don’t the meeting let?Teacher Zhengs all descended to become draw with father, besides was me.” Say that arduously continue to stretch hand to take a book, but regrettable Chen Zi Jia obstructed her further action, averting from of his caution belly, hug her waist to pen her don’t make her move in the bosom, blew tone in her ear:”There is still a half an hour waiting being New Year, let’s say.” “Say what?” “Said your childhood, ” Chen Zi Jia’s tone not Yan expectation:”When starts learning go game, ideal thought at that time, like what, didn’t like what etc..Say what all good.” “Probably is 4 years old to start learning chess, cause is what, I didn’t remember as well, ” side of Su Cuo thinks that the side says:”The rule of go game is easy, the primer is easy, then I am fond of ascend, and then took part in a few games, seemed to take some prizes.” Chen Zi Jia asks:”Why didn’t enter the country little brigade?” Su Cuo sighs tone:”My parents just died soon at that time, person in the home didn’t trust, so I didn’t go.If that time I insist 1:00, probably they can’t obstruct, either, but don’t want to make them worry.” “Very sad?Give up so the go game of passion.” “Beginning is a little bit, afterwards also not Be getting sader.Learn another dedf23DSK thing, the interest in go game was much also thin.Think of now, there is also no good regret of, even feel, the nba snapback hat person’s a fondness for still would not until much some be good, so, the vision will be far some.” “Really BE.I was just about in childhood, at first learned a piano and afterwards changed to learn violin.Although is forced by the parents of, learn to arrive afterwards, also become accustomed to, slowly comprehended some truths, also really fancy, no longer oppose arranging of parents.So the superstition authority is by all means a growth after this sentence, is reasonable.” Su Cuo”H’m”1:”While remember, studying I like of the thing is many, the east sees west to see, half-hearted, is not a very last heart either to the study.” “Not last heart can also enter China greatly?”Chen Zi Jia picks eyebrow. Su Cuo smiles and freely says:”Although after my lesson all I am very earnest while reading an another book,have a class, really not how may the study have good result.I listen to the efficiency of lesson very high.Afraid is the result is too good, the teacher will specially take care of me, let me take part in a contest, or open small cooking stove for me what, so I have no time and read the book that I want and read and did an another affair.” “I also about, ” Chen Zi Jia agrees with, “hard listen to one section lesson, come down to read than oneself the books all take care of to use for four hour.I have been believing firmly and have no in the world what gain without labour of affair.” ” You say of to.”Say Su Cuo nod, then again is helpless again is funnily ask:”Why do you always like to hug my waist?” “Embracing you is very comfortable, just a hand can be lived with wreath, ” Chen Zi Jia endured to smile, “and, once hugging, you can not run.” “Lead for a few months you the wreath don’t live.”The purse one’s lips of Su Cuo sees his one eye.