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Toes gently asics shoes sale depress the ground. The asics mens shoes Green elders body is suddenly pull up the sky. However, she turned and Gang Yu flee the road shadow at the moment abrupt since its over Shanlue, too. Soon a chill majestic underlying strength. Under violent pressure from the sky. Along the way because of the underlying strength too tyrannical. Turned midair sounded series channeling sonic boom sound. Feel the top of the head to be majestic underlying strength. Young elders face slightly changed. The palms elevation. The palm green Dasheng on down. The entire body is wrapped them. Majestic underlying strength come down. Mercilessly smashed the young Presbyterian body on land under the green asics mens shoes mask. The latter burst of intense shaking. Shortly after finally is able to weather to live such bombardment. With a subtle burst sound empty. And the elders of the land green is to issue a Menheng sound. Pale down a lot. Red shadow flashing. Fan TB behind a pair of vindictiveness, such as the blood of a camel wings. Extremely to glare. When the flapping of the wings. Even can faintly smell the the ground smell of blood in the wind. Ghastly smile. Fan: no opportunity to give respite for elders young. Behind blood wing vibration. The body suddenly swooped down. Like a saw vampire bats prey ground. Look too that impinge upon the scope of Tuberculosis, pale green elders had bitterly for a bite, Choujian meet up, due to the full speed of the body vindictive, aggressive matchless grudge issued in deep space are a direct result of subtle fluctuations, it seems, in order to be able to escape from the the REBEL level TB in the hands, the young elders already relies instead on the strength of the play to the limit. Looking at the bottom of the road in the brutal fight to the death, and then carefully looked at the sky, almost as one-sided war potential, hidden in the jungle, Xiao Yan could not help but shook his head and muttered: , a very small chance that you want to escape ah . That hen is below, but he is always around with two strong fighting spirit guardian trouble ah. The strong women asics shoes name Serpentis House cut into two parts, beside him, the two old man no matter what, are not left his whole body, the position of one meter. with you, so, later met these strong had prudent and order. Xiao Yan slightly nodded his head, sighing a sigh of relief, Xu had to pressure the hearts of some impatience, quiet concerned about the development of the situation below. Blood cases Contingent day snake House crowd, however, was women asics shoes significantly single strength than wins ~ Therefore, although the body is covered with scars, according to relying on the tacit understanding seems to be crumbling, and has always supported not be knocked over, be able to follow forward to the young elders come asics shoes sale Noire domain and so chaotic region are, and she has a few brushes. But on the ground firmly adhere sky young elders the bucket king level of strength, but it is impossible to strong imperial struggle Fan TB opponent and latter shenfa shortcut called ghosts, only just warring parties to ten rounds, the young munfdjkwn elders pale face is increasingly pale. Fan: Hard bombers beat up in the air again forced to self-palm contact at Chung Shing over the tyrannical underlying strength directly Green elders a blood spray out body Jitui, that paradigm: more while you are sick to your life, in hot pursuit. Between Jitui young elders suddenly looked up, the original beauty of the cheek at the moment is full of grim hand flashed a Hanyu box is to appear in the palm, and snapped the tip shouted: aging mother on the spot this yin

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and yang, Yuen Long Dan turned into powder! cases in the blood, as pigs and dogs breeding, specifically to serve my blood cases of men! The gentle tone spit to the language, they are vicious people covered chills. Think of the kind of raw, such as dead end, Rao is a young Presbyterian samadhi, also could not help but some discoloration, holding the palm of Hanyu box, could not help trembling flutter.Lightning fighting looked up at the mid-air. The hen that originally chill face. Moment is suddenly calm. The toes Qingtiao in the surface of a blood-stained long knife. Hands to explore. Is the clenched hands. Readily torn clothes. Bloodstain on the slowly Shizhao knife. Indifferent said: Luo asics tiger shoes elders. Come to me. You in the side. The case he escape plan. Stopped him. Aside that old man nodded slightly. Leaning on another temporarily lost the combat effectiveness of the Korean Presbyterian. Back a few steps.