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Su Cuo smiles:”Does the positive company measure to return money to you.” Chen Zi Jia saw her one eye, all of eyes insides sighed, and very long he orders to say behind:”Your rich of words, return, if have no, is not nasty either.” Go on vacation for a week after, Yang Xue was urged by a few telephones in the home to return to and said being her grandpa to be critically ill.Su Cuo originally wanted to send her, but Yang Xue determinedly didn’t promise;Finally she can asics noosa tri 7 womens at quiet the cool feeling for sitting in silence to looking at the figure that she leaves before the window way of sickroom, suddenly starting to living a kind of Cang of thoroughly cool bottom of one’s heart:Many years in future in, she can’t again run into the girl’s son with open smiling face.Passed by so along with this figure for an ages, became memory like this.Be like write in a poem:We such as the sea gull and big waves meet ground, meet, walk up.The sea gull flies to, the big waves billowingly flows to open, we also distinguished. 30 The foundation course study of the graduate student is in learning in an university of the west, it is one and half years to is a period.That university although cannot comparing with China is greatly so well-known,is also a top-grade university in the domestic, the city is all well-known thous, more than thousand in the last yearses all glorious historical work, literally dig a pit and then can dig a bottle bottle bottle bottle.Imitate a Buddha all of all scenes 1,000 calendars expend and have a liking for to is also a common big city just now over there, if not is have no place not at of ruins, also have no difference with another place. The Su Cuo current rommateses are all aer little bit big than her, also is all physics to fasten of, on time in bedroom all not much.An among those have been already got married, one premeditates matrimony, another similar to Su Cuo undergraduate course together the girl of class the heel boyfriend then rent a house to cohabit in the outside of school;Su Cuo has no too many common languages with them and meet at ordinary times little, is all each affair with each stem.She in addition to have a class almost can all not talk all day long, she sometimes thinks, the comity being like university for ages seems a don’t reply to return. The classmate that the graduate student knows livings than the undergraduate course a little bit little, mutually hand over all not deep;Su is wrong still still completely independent, ascend last self-study, reads a book to the library, in advance extracurricular course, result just as since go toward excellently, English still calls her to feel helpless. The university wants to read aloud with Su Cuo of research leaves not and far, a few cars of hours was.Shao Wei once having holidayses will come to school to seek Su Cuo, he from small grow in this thous all in, all understand very much to everythings of the surroundings.He takes her to visit at the city inside a little bit well-known tourist best asics running shoes spot;Be getting more hungry, go to asics 2012 the street side small store and eat steaming hot sliced noodles mutton bubble Mo. Su Cuo 100 think not to get its solution, ask Shao Wei:”Why here which afraid are that a light repasts in a chicken hair small store are all like this delicious?” The window outside floats fine snow, house the inside but warmth is like spring.The Shao Wei smiles and peeped out a rightness of dimpleses:”You had no an opportunity to eat these before.Now must thank I be not?” “With gratitude with gratitude, dedf23DSK don’t I prepare to sign for you to make seating arrangement and burn pillar joss-stick every day?”Su Cuo smiles his useless talk of heel. Shao Wei two eyebrows wrote to pour horoscope:”That pours is need not, also rather burn for me every day now, ask me to have rice what.” “That good, ” Su Cuo smiles:”This I please.” Say that return to say, but really finished eating rice, still the Shao Wei jump the gun to money.He mysteriously smiles and gets the opposite side of her dynasty bus stop to walk:”I take you go to a place.” Soon rounded into a path, an accumulated snow inch remaining was deep of path, the pedestrian friendly intercourse is few.Along the path path end has a falsely the red and brown iron gate of Yan. The iron gate outside has already signed a cake of refreshing stone tablet, Su Cuo sees a few big words of stone tablet, and the at heart upsurges a warm felling.Shao Wei a smile:”You once said before what you wanted to come to see, I took you came, after snowinging see had better.” The doorway is a path, an old man is cleaning up a road.The work that sees to him just beginning, Su Cuo wanted to ask the way, he just put to signaled hint them to loudly clamor, then backward 1. Su Cuo lifts a Mou dynasty to far see go, what to come into view is the appearance that an act calls her shocked to can not say it.That is the very and spacious one place, the accumulated snow replies ground and cover with all white.The of world has no outline.Leaves that ruins Ao however pretty pulls out from snow ground inside, is almost a Teng to get empty but rise, let on the brick in blue of wall the Ai Ai white snow so a contrast, unexpectedly black, color contrast mightiness, thus original the high set of Wei E more Wei E. Su Cuo stretches hand the cheeks of kneading he or she and a good half-day just make sure oneself still on the hoof. Take a stroll to walk forward to, true of the felling came back again.The so big one place piles up white snow, white of unimaginable, let person all cant not bear to the heart trample up.Open spaces on all sides, in addition to they again have no side person.Trample an one step each time, will cause the voice that accumulates the snow scene Zhi Luo Zhi’s ringing, then turn head, clearly can see two lines of footprints.