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first 47 snapback not- tiny to move to move throat

Closed lightly tightly lips, didn’t first and not will put away of clothes stubbornly again flick in disorder.She says right, she can find out his house, can find out here, calculate him again move 1, go to where all similar, want to think how to cope with each kind that she uses to be strange to recruit all day long with it, go to not equal to this matter in this summer season in thoroughly solve. He once turned round to stare at her, she signed at the door, outdoor light than he this cabin son still have to be bright, her greater half Zhang Lian all conceals in the shadow, but only hopes that eyes of his at secretly the Can is bright. “Mulberry Yu, I don’t think to be again so the wave took a lot of time waste energy, if this continues, you and I am very tired.” “I know.First and not, we beat a wager, if before the summer season ends, monster snapback I haven’t canned make you nod to promise to do your girl friend, I move away from here, and from all hereafter can’t bother you again now.My mulberry Yu can swear to the God.”She has already raised right hand. Silent a long time, first not- that double of eyes that slightly takes to suppress Yu lifts up to see her, light tunnel:”You need not swear, my heel your wager.The wager is a summer vacation, also for two months, two months after, you move away from here.” “If two months after, I won, I am your girl friend.” “I can’t lose of, ” looking at her one face is resolute, is first 47 snapback not- tiny to move to move throat, “you need not happy get too early, these are all conditioned.” He sits down before secretary and pickeds up a pen and brushes ground to write on a piece of blank sheet of paper and had no excessive long, he the in front that passes mulberry Yu:”Label ascend you of name.” “What?”She isn’t clear so, once connect that paper settles once the Jing see and up write “match to rent guarantee certificate”. All say that see a word if appear in public, first and not of the word Cang have an emollient strength, as good-looking as his person. She small and softly saw under”match to rent guarantee certificate” and up wrote: Guarantee certificate The lord lies to return mulberry Yu all, the time lies to return first not- all, the living room, kitchen, health and veranda uses a place for 2 people Mr.. The mulberry Yu promises at match rental agreement periodically(200 X year July 1 to August 31) inside attain following commitment: A, don’t don’t first and not allow after, the mulberry Yu could not get into first and not of bedroom, can not touch to belong to first and not of thing; Two, mulberry Yu can not in Mr. use a place to first and not carry on in addition to needing not wanting a speech of the body get in touch with; Three, the mulberry Yu can not reveal toward the others new era snapback hats to live together an under the eaves with first and not; Four, once hadn’t yet don’t first and not wholesale snapbacks agree, the mulberry Yu can not take anyone into this dedf23DSK building; Five, the mulberry Yu can not put any relevant female thing clothes etc. in Mr. to use a place; Six, the mulberry Yu can not be dressed in any revelation clothes to back and forth take a stroll with the place in Mr.. Seven, the mulberry Yu can not smoke, drink and throw miscellaneous articles or objects fruit peel in disorder in the whichever corner in the house scraps of paper etc.. Eight, the mulberry Yu can not don’t first and not carry on the insult on the speech to and include to rise nickname for it among them. Above 8 are done not first and not carry on direct by, if againsting is anti-, this very day of commitment of mulberry Yu moves to leave this building.Not told matter of exerting, from direct the person make whole in the days to come. Inspect a person:First non- guarantor:Mulberry Yu(need a signing) The mulberry Yu is small and soft to see down, in addition to smoking of Article 7, other she can attain. Sadly saw an eye first and not, she points at Article 7 to say:”Can change into I take out in my own building, or veranda can also, other public places all not take out.” “Can.I welcome very much you smoke, as long as you took out in this any corner in the house, will press the last to promise an auto to move to leave a house.”Talking the idea of bottom is to don’t go. For winning commander in chief’s elder brother’s tender heart, the mulberry Yu gave up the mind of changing the guarantee certificate, greatly not she hereafter at outside take out, finish taking out again enter door, picked up a pen, fascinating flourishes in dancingly the label ascended his/her own name. Looking at that graceful handwriting, this name as if evil curse similar follow himself/herself, first and not guarantee certificate a Duo come over, then oneself’s house of with type door to close, mulberry Yu to block at the door is outside. The opposite key figures construct seven colourful light pillars of building top, through the mulberry Yu face that shines on and comes over, shoots in a face and dazes of kitchen and health of the left side of the house up, let her at that time can not open an eye. Hope the health and kitchen of watching from a distance a short while deeply bright short while cloudiness, this kind of effect that is terrible slice of to up often have, let she not from must beat one cold Zhan, rubbed to rub arm, stared first and not of the room is one eye and hurriedly rush to return to own room. – Because today will be a rat year the last sky net, so much more several chapters advance to do obeisance an early years for everyone!Wish everyone the cow year cow the spirit hurtle a sky, cow cow!