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Exactly asic gel kayano didn’t fall asleep

Is very warm in dance hall, plus music light and soft, Su Cuo cannots help but quickly asleep.Exactly asic gel kayano didn’t fall asleep, half sleep she suddenly opens eyes, discovering a huge face is near at very short distance, be apart from too near his facial features faintness to become one.What Su Cuo frightenned backward on shrinking, once fondleses round table, the all empty paper cup Gu asics tigers mexico 66 Dong rolls next follow. That boy stays back an one step and smiled, “you need not frighten into this appearance.See you so small, also at up does the research born?” Su Cuo’s ten cups. “Be not, I at up big two, elder sister Liu Fei Shi takes me come of.” “, Originally you are that little teacher younger sister.Can I ask you to pay dancing?”The boy smiles tiny say. Have no in time an answer, Liu Fei lifts skirt to quickly come over here and have much of vehemence to stand to Su wrong in front, white that boy’s asic shoes one eye, “can not, determinedly can not.Shao Wei, you think all don’t the idea that wants to beat her.” That calls the boy of Shao Wei to put a hand:”Liu Fei , you also hurt my feelings too much.You how can anyone know be the little teacher younger sister not willing to dance with me?” Su Cuo smiles:”I can’t dance.” “That dedf23DSK your head quarter talks, ” Shao Wei smiles happily to sit down, “we talk can.” Liu Fei ‘s vision is unidentified to see his one eye, then says to Su Cuo:”He if have scheme to you, never be polite.”See Su ordering of Cuo affirmation, she is nasty to in a hurry leave, and then continues own busy affair. Shao Wei also really can say, from sky go to an underground, run to get Shui-li to visit from the near the bank of, have no he doesn’t know.Su Cuo drinks juice to listen to he talk and suddenly living a kind of different felling.If this continues, warm room, abuzz person’s voice, soft and charming music, someone is surging never-failing talk in the ear, so also quite good of, need not thinking, need not misgiving, needs to be accepted all right. “The little teacher younger sister is to call Su Cuo BE.”For a long time after, the Shao Wei just speaks of to start asking name, ” you are pretty well-known.” The purse one’s lips of Su Cuo smiles:”I was for the time being this sentence as to endorse.Hope not is a bad reputation, be regarded as bad reputation you also not want to tell me.” “You are very interesting.Does tonight of”once the Shao Wei smile, on the cheeks will peep out two very shallow dimpleses, ” your college have no activity?” “Have of, ” Su Cuo says that”they don’t make me take part in, I came out.Then teacher the elder sister take I come to beat to deliver time here.” “Open what fun, ” Shao Wei knits the brows, “if you didn’t go, does that activity still have what mean?” Su Cuo sees one eye him, tiny smile:”Senior, why don’t you dance?”He from sit down to start this hour, have already had 23 girl’s sons to come to ask him to dance, he refuses. “I danced to accompany you to chat for the nobody, you not sorry?”Shao Wei like this says taking to make fun of on his face, ” you relate to with Liu Fei very good?” “Teacher the elder sister person is very good, to I am also very good.” The Shao Wei cross-examines:”Arrive so much what extent?” Su Cuo looking at his vivid face and have a little unable to cay or laugh. “Are you still playing a piano now?”He suddenly changed a topic, ” I once heard last year you play piano, the impression was very deep.” The dance hall ray isn’t good, the Su Cuo Pie is his one eye and discover oneself to can not see clearly his facial features.His Song shrug:”Literally ask, you need not answer me.” Su Cuo sees the form on the wall, uprising:”I am returning to self-study.” “You or not does the original intention dance with me?Study period the last time participated in dancing party, I graduated in Marchary.Are you really unfeeling to make me leave a regret?”The Shao Wei also stands up and unwillingly says, ” you can’t jumped don’t also relate to, I am unconditional to take you, free charge.” Su Cuo rushes toward Chi a break into laughter:”But I don’t walk can not, as for regret, the life head quarter has.”Her English the data is still on the 17th floor of the study hall wait her, don’t return to again, affirming will be accepted something to walk by the managing person. Su Cuo finds out Liu Fei outside the dance hall, she is talking with others, and the language is soon very quick.Know Su Cuo wants to walk, Liu Fei turns round and lightly and briefly embraces each other her, then immediately releases, each and every move’s imitating Buddhas all is saying, the whole to the utmost be not doing talk. Once the New Year’s Day stanza lead, expect end also finally.Each category has been already ended, Su Cuo all goes 17 upstairs self-studies every day, even the laboratory also no longer steps enough.She also never seeks a teacher to answer Yi and plus to return to dormitory very late, the owners all feel she was like to disappear, wanted that seeing one side is all difficult.The classmate just about hand a Su Cuo’s notes that fastens an inside by this time feels more and more grievously sorry. Examine a week also finally.Su Cuo still such as past, be present for five minutes before each one examines, necessarily and first hand in an examination paper to leave each time, carry that very heavy schoolbag, the hair binds into two horsetails to hang in the ear side and comes and goes in a hurry.She repeats a life like this, until the cook arrives examination week the last day.