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His brow Wei Zhou, Do demons scattered strive hard, even at the cost destroy himself a disciple of this thing, really like the middle-aged man said, a garbage What? Wang Lin eyebrows furrowed, leaning forward a move, ready to continue forward flight, arrive know the sea as soon as possible, but at this moment, and suddenly a faint pain, came from his brain. This pain is very light, just a little one to appear, and they immediately disappeared. But it disappears almost instant surge of slightly stronger pain again emerged, so the cycle crazy at the moment they climbed the slight pain from the beginning, the moment such as acute as angry waves.It all happened too fast, Wang Lin also is flying out of Ji Zhang distance immediately Canheng soon, the body suddenly shocked, which emerged out of the pain in the a ** crazy every time violent. Apart from anything else immediately a little between the eyebrows, you want to enter the days of counter space to meditate, but found own soul actually is an suddenly appeared from the brain power block, simply will not be able hermes bags sale to enter within a day against the. Wang Lin looking slightly changed, he hastened to place cross-legged on the inside, as the body, and immediately found to know the sea, a layer of blue light parcel, the pain is coming from here, this pain, even if Wang Lin, efforts toward firm, has gone through many great changes, and it is difficult to resist, only struggling stiffness. At this point, a blue aura, since Wang Lin, head slowly wafting this aura appears immediately therefrom countless tentacles tentacles looked floating, gradually, more and more tentacles, more and longer. Eventually, all the tentacles suddenly a move, and quickly roll toward the middle of the Wang Lin, a circle around his body, as more and more tentacles circling Wang Lin body, an oval huge cocoon, appeared in the emptiness. At the same time, a channel Blu-ray from that shine out of the cocoon, this blue one is now around the void suddenly spread out like ripples of waves, as more and more ripples, a powerful suction from within came out, took a giant cocoon slowly integrated within. Blink of an eye, the the giant cocoon disappeared in the void, ripples gradually dull, do not see the slightest exception of. Not long after, a magic monks suddenly appeared here, he’s old face, but it looks like it is full of a wave of hostility coming out, he looked around puzzled, his right hand around a grasping random Suddenly a crack channel space. This monk kept his right hand, and the grasping space crack – View consecutive weeks at various locations, ultimately nothing, this turned and disappeared into place.(D) of Chapter 90 of the ancient god heritage Months the ancient God vivo, in most places, has the magic of the monks in search of issey miyake handbag T fine exhibition, the ancient land of God is great, but for these magic monks, although a little trouble some, but a seemed on here are very familiar with like, and even Mengtuo Zi is also true. Even rotary air waves in the sea air **, no escape, they encounter even some also went to look for some of the air waves. So looking down, but still nothing, but these magic monks still did not give up, after all, can find swallow the soul has direct contact with them in the future. Wang Lin in those tentacles wrapped into a giant

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cocoon moment, the whole person into a strange state emerges in front of him is full of starry, surrounded by darkness. He guess handbags sale can not feel the presence of his body, but this time munfdjkwn the state of the soul from the body some different, he was clearly aware that they are to move forward at breakneck speed,. Those little stars in his eyes growing, and eventually all become a huge spherical Shortly thereafter, he saw a giant, that the giant, sitting cross-legged on a huge spherical hands handbags wholesale staggered, Qiazhao law formula his right hand slightly a bomb, suddenly distant a spherical, slamming the hermes bags sale fragmentation explosion, one called the terrorist blast quickly came from the land of the explosion. After that the Giants did not care, the right hand is a vocation, a small drop of golden liquid, flying from the explosion being, falls on the hands of the Giants Then, his issey miyake handbag left hand on the chest a touch, a sudden burst of colorful Guangyao flashing light dissipated , on the left hand of this giant, suddenly lay a baby of guess handbags sale normal size. He saw this baby a lukewarm, the right hand Qingnie that golden liquid, drops in babies, the subsequent body jumped up and fling the hands of the baby toward the spherical just sit. Suddenly baby parcel of the golden liquid fast to turn into a golden meteor immediate impact on that spherical body, its speed is too fast, the impact of the strong force, until the middle of the ball shape, its speed was slowed down, finally stops.