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A long asics whizzer time no one speaks up

In succession the dining room inside person’s voice of Rao Rao is boiling, Wang Chen2 completely didn’t expect he or she incredibly will see such an eyes that dedf23DSK are full of spiritual influence under this kind of environment, seem world only this eyes are true.He not from must see her more one eye.Su Cuo lowers the head to smile, a table of persons all see toward her, she do Hun however don’t feel.Su Zhi stares one eye she, then introduce to say:”Is my younger sister, Su Cuo.” Wang Chen2 put dinner plate and noded a smile way to Su Cuo, “the freshman of our school?”He is big three studentses, the inside of these people is the biggest and also have authority most .Be like for matching with his identity similar, his voice slightly shows deep and lowly. “Is not, ” answer of Su Cuo:”I am that China is big.” “What profession?” “Engineering physics.” This several people at university student of west will be very acquaint with, Wang Chen2 startled pole, use the vision inquiring to inquire the remaining 2 people, after getting 2 people to nod to signal hint, Wang Chen2 asks:”Do you incredibly learn engineering physics?” Su Cuo doesn’t know a quilt how much person interrogate this problem, a little bit lose patience, then and at a stretch say:”Yes.Need not asked again, I didn’t choose wrong profession, and I then and very know what this profession will learn very early.I why register for examination China greatly is also that he has the best engineering in whole country physics profession, be so, the nothing important is very strange.” This has a great function, a table of person more or less has a little shocked;Even Su Zhi also hears the younger sister sighing to test China big reason and saying nothing of rest 2 people for the first time.A long asics whizzer time no one speaks up, the just mutual look in the eyes communicates. Su Zhi swayed a ladle to smile, “feed, Cuo, did you when want to be physicist?I remember pimping time, your wishes is an occupation chess hand, how change now?” “Did I change?Don’t change, does “Su Cuo carelessly counter-questions, ” say that I when wanted to be a chess hand again?How asics running shoes men didn’t I remember at all.” Wang Chen2 is again one Zheng;Chen Zi Jia comes for these several days to hear go game for the second time, the side head conjectures to sit on the complexion poised mouth Cape in body side to slightly have smile slightly Su Cuo, then asks:”Su Cuo, under your chess of very good?” “I can’t play chess.”Su Cuo’s vision goes to left rightward of lightly brush past sit at the same table three handsome boys face up, first have no so bright, take but generation it of is a certain and rare equanimity.Her eyes are still pure, but disappear bottom, let 3 people without previous arrangement thought of the Ping-ho of ten thousand the Chinese foots deep sea. Su Zhi eyebrow eyes quickly stired in 1 and heavily said:”You still just up the junior high school is already 7, but now say, can’t you play chess?” Both the brother and sister emotion’s changing a silk doesn’t fall of fall in the Chen Zi Jia’s eyes.He lightly coughed 1, to several not it is thus clear that shook to shake head to Su Zhi.The Su’s Zhi eye Cape remaining light Pie arrives Chen Zi Jia’s look in the eyes, strong endure remained the lower half words to swallow into belly inside, stare at Su Cuo, one face is unwilling. “Can’t be can’t.”Su Cuo uses chopsticks from Su Zhi’s dinner plate in clip vegetables, smilingly say:”The vegetables that discovers that you beat compares my delicious, the big teacher that beats rice knows you, true lack of impartiality.” Thus the topic carries on the back a branch to open for the lightly agile Qiao.All of three boys are student associations of, the peacetime is also familiar and soon start to discuss about that the student association faces a new affair. The wreath of Su Cuo attends to on all sides, discovering oneself has already become dining room, the inside is eyed most of person, though separate far, each color low language voice she listens to not and greatly please, but the vision air of the classmates, point a point of act she sees clearly.Su Cuo doesn’t take taking back of emotion vision and cautiously examine to include an oneself old elder brother of at inside of three boys, beyond all doubt all of them are most to let person Qing Mu of that type of, having both looks and talent. Her heart bottom is unclear to have a kind to prepare feeling, inwardly regret and stay calm and collected of Lian Lian eyebrow. “I am full and return to school first.”Su Cuo carries dinner plate to stand up and looking at Su Zhi to also wants to start, she immediately shakes head, ” several days, I know the road that returns to bedroom.You just not is say that will hold a meeting right away.Need not sent me.” Su Zhi asics running didn’t insist and said:”Good.The occupying makes a phone call for me.” The lo wears Su Cuo’s figure disappearance in the crowd of and start to float a facial expression of deep thought on Wang Chen2 Lian, a long time after twist a head to say to Su Zhi:”Unexpectedly, you usually mention of the younger sister is as as different as chalk and cheese as you.” Once Chen Zi Jia’s look in the eyes jump and turn the vision to the crowd of the first floor dining room export;The wry smile of Su Zhi is 1 and deeply say:” The Cuo in fact isn’t my close younger sister, is my cousin.” Say he also follows Chen Zi Jia of the vision change direction downstairs’ crowd in, the friendly intercourse isn’t a few to is all some parents whom the vigors booming brilliance shining universities are new-born and accompany, he of the visions in the sky swam Yi 1 turn, finally see Su Cuo at the door high figure.She that skirt in blue is in the crowd one Shan but have no.