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nor more than three, and she even resist thoughts are not only bailing Over the robbery. YEUNG Sum put aside here, one that the peaks light curtain is broken, burnt States built the base end Dan monk immediately rush into mass action, telling anyone to kill, that is the moment, the entire mountain, rivers of blood, no A live on. Promise peaks completely four sectarian occupy nike shoes outlet thousands of disciples dense standing on the mountain in their over eighteen, including the removal of YEUNG Sum Yuan Ying monks, and floated on. War Shrine Song monk named, eyes, such as electricity, tone full meaning of Xiaosha, Chen Sheng said: the fire beast Destroys out the fire beast is not terrible, really terrible is not available practice of Reiki. War shrine, demons cases, Luohe door, corpse overcast cases, in this moment, we work together, collectively referred to as burnt League. Whenever League disciples, to build the base of each person will receive a Dan Bao, end Dan will receive a Yuan Ying level magic weapon. During the war, all items seized for murder are individuals should be, within the Union will not be confiscated one disciples, this was a war, but I hope that you regard him as an invasion, an order survival of aggression. ‘ Luohe door monk Yuan Ying, dry cough few times, the side said: hundred people, or build the base of the 10 people who send in the product began with 10 kill condensable gas on five floors above two hundred, or build the base of 20, or the end of Dan one, send ten bottles of elixir. One hundred and thirtieth eight chapters days from Dan Luohe door Yuan nike shoes outlet Ying monks out of a body skinny old, he was wearing a black robe, his face lined with deep wrinkles, dark eyes, look no spirit, his eyelids slightly turned hoarse, said: Days from Dan words now, Wang Lin aware, around almost all the monks, are a heavy breath, shortness of breath slightly. Days from Dan understanding in Maleonn the memory, also have this day from Dan rarely the whole burnt country, not more than thirty, the burnt country treasures a panacea, increase junction Dan chance. If the end of Dan dose to enhance the state directly into the stable phase. Within several of its main Pharmaceutical has been cut off, the remaining thirty, or from thousands of years ago, has been carefully preserved. Next, about five thousand monks are divided into only a few teams, respectively, received their respective mandates, Wang Lin was among them. The moncler jacket sale team dispersed attack, eroded encountered all comprehension, both are culling clean around inspections of the master Yuan Ying support at any time, against

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each buy converse shoes other Yuan Ying monks around. Wang Lin was assigned to the 10th Battalion of the eighth squad team a total of 8 members of the nearly 30 people, all belonging to different sects, buy converse shoes which built the base on Friday, the rest are 13 on condensable gas on about four. / / Led one person is a demon were a knot of Brother Dan, the Ares temple I do not know why, only Wang Lin. They received the task is the auxiliary tenth brigade occupied the border a medium spiritual pulse. As the monks built the base of the war shrine, Wang Lin won a Dan Bao, this Dan Bao said power is not put a large number of, so basically every piece of texture difference a lot, with tasteless describe. Is not excessive. Pro left moments before, phoenix the Luan call people to Wang Lin told them. In a chic loft, Feng Luan standing by the window, facing the direction of the burnt moncler jacket sale country, after a long time, throws a jade Jane spoke and said: repair just build the base interim? Wang Lin took the jade Jane soul swept away. Weird suddenly looking up, Yu Jane recorded ground is less than half the map markers within the map of the 78 countries of the burnt north of the country, clearly marked above the comprehension level of these countries as well chan luu bracelets as rich what material. He pondered a little, his eyes shimmering in the heart of the fraction each other words meaning roughly guessed. Feng Luan and waved, says: A would give you go. Wang Lin, apart from anything else. Turned to leave, Feng Luan He just has to guess a bit, the world is not cheap charity. There are only unequal exchange. Compared seize homes burnt country to Immortal monk, especially phoenix Luan, quite some impersonal, because Zhou Zihong things, for he stopped things. As for the map, the meaning is very clear, Wang Lin that skill, munfdjkwn and if so, can naturally be, If you can not hack it. Died in battle. That nobody is to blame. Wang Lin did not intend to participate in the war between the two countries, but now the bottom of my heart changed his mind. Map is just one day away from Dan. Is his focus. Can increase the the knot Dan chance of immortality, Wang Lin Shizaibide, in accordance with his plans to seek another its practicing their lives liter awakened decisions refining three cold Dan, of this there is a larger chance of success knot Dan, but still have a certain probability to fail.