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Xiao Yan is perceived. The present mind is relieved. A wry smile to himself: Swore after. Xiao Yan is gradually returned asics tiger mexico 66 to calm. Slightly ponder after. Already had an idea: Mind,. Inflammation no longer have the slightest delay. Mind condensate given. Suddenly. That overflowing energy of the body mist. Suddenly asics tiger mexico 66 moving up. A Unit of mist. As if by some kind of traction generally. Rapid front of the lower abdomen: the cyclone Bay go. With increasingly close to the cyclone that Pang energy fog. Their size is getting smaller and smaller. However, although the volume is small. But that fog between. Began promise some moisture. And when after huge mist into by. Fog turned out to have been completely canceled. Instead. A group like emerald pure liquid energy. Even. In those liquid energy. Mixed with a little bit similar to the solid crystals. Jade liquid. Complete circle cycle routes down the burning determination Is quietly stay in the inlet to the asics gel virage cyclone. The flow is so momentum slowly … as if about to flood discharge large dam. The gazed group huge emerald energy. Xiao hearts gently whisper uttered. Mind a move. Suddenly. It blocked in the cyclone at the mouth of the resistance instantly disappear. Suddenly. Surging energy. Inclusions TV drama as if waterfalls who spent asics running shoes loud noise. Crashing burst into a cyclone within. Massive energy. Poured into the cyclone. Soon one facing the the cyclone center diamond bucket crystal. Severely hit into. The roar of the sound is almost as if the brain resounded in Xiao Yan. Grabbing. To almost even repair state could hold. Turbulent energy. The source continued perfusion bucket crystal. Whereas the latter. After receiving a massive energy. The volume is turned to start slowly growth. With the growth of the bucket crystal volume. Xiao Yan was a sensitive soul perception can be clearly perceived. Their own strength. Grade film violence is speed in close proximity to the TV drama Chung away. The outside world. Cave. Medicine old looked at Xiao Yan face suddenly changed jade-like luster. Stroking his beard, nodded slightly. His strength. Nature could feel asics gel virage Xiao Yan was climbing breath.With Sheng falling. That standing on a street of Warcraft back of mine. Body suddenly shocked. Immediately if it were like a bomb. On the empty eyes of nearly one hundred cloud-lan were disciples that hack. Crashing tiger mexico 66 exploded. Suddenly. Splattered with blood. Spilled down from the sky. Warcraft on its feet at the other end. Is suddenly issued a painful scream. Body to shake violently. After a moment. Thunder. Again exploded The sky above. Blood and accompanied by minced meat whizzer asics spilled. Green grass. Almost all rendering has become one of the prison-like King. Looked at in the face of tragedy. Nearly cloud-lan disciples are pale into a burst of strange silence. Some smart people. Seem to be able to think of just a little more from this screen tragedy Retaliation. Xiao Yan cloud Lan cases against him under that kill endless revenge. A forced trackless hungry wolf. It’s revenge. Will be people from whizzer asics the heart to munfdjkwn give birth to chill. Was livid looking at on the blood and bones. That year the longest Presbyterian. The face was ashen. Clenched fist. TV drama heavy material Mountain pernicious growled: Roar. Vindictive carry mighty spread throughout the entire mountain. Lingering. Distant jungle. The physique rapidly Shanlue shadows suddenly Dayton under stature. Indifferent glanced behind the horizon. A whispered sneer slowly outgoing. Toes tap, branches. Rapid inroads thicket. The dissipated seen.The in Weisha three hundred and fortieth chapters of Warcraft Mountains The in Weisha three hundred forty chapters Warcraft Mountains The vast jungle, lush trees, cover nearly Banbi sky, but occasionally, from the leaves gap between, to see that from the sky constantly whizzing flight of Warcraft and chilling biting intention to kill. Huge woodlands over dozens of head flight Warcraft dispersed into a round shape, a great forest surrounded at a time, these flights Warcraft is the distance echoes facing the center position slowly shrink away. A dense bush, a pair of line-of-sight quietly revealing

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leaves gap, looking at the sky with round after round from the shadows skitter huge shadow, brow just wrinkled up, although previously he had to throw off the rear the team pursuit, may, after all, his legs to run, but a pair of wings, an hour later, that overwhelming forces of flight, is beyond tiger mexico 66 him, but fortunately they do not know his exact location, for a time, the idea is difficult He sought out. approximate orientation.