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Wang Lin asics running shoes men cough a few times

Wang Lin asics running shoes men cough a few times, the right-handed pinch tactics, the spiritual power Chung, suddenly an wind blowing around soon clean out a clean open space. Him of dust, swept away. Wang Lin looked up and looked around, bright sunlight falling from the sky, shake munfdjkwn in his eyes, Wang Lin eyes involuntarily slightly dark. See around the moment, Wang Lin immediately know that they have left the repair magic sea and surrounding mountains, Lin Shucheng Yam, he had never seen birds sometimes from the mountains in dancing, hovering in the air. Wang Lin eyes narrowed, and he has been a long time do not see such a glaring sun, repair magic the inland sea throughout the year does not see the light of day, even last more than a month, although the fog dispersed, but the distant sky clouded over, Black rolling. The mouth air inhaled deeply, Wang Lin turned around its eye ground Chuansong Zhen, his eyes flashing, a film storage bag and took out a Feijian cut a few in battle formation, life and pry out a few The layout of the material of the matrix method, these materials are placed in storage bags, this calm down. Now, even insane old man pursuing his footsteps, also can not be by Chuan Songzhen came here, plus Lotus prohibited positioning, so Wang Lin security guarantee. Wang Lin the body jumped away, flying in mid-air after he immediately aware here Reiki is extremely adequate, and more in the sky above, the more dense aura. In mid-air, his body, his hands in front of a flash, played a blur ban, printed in the valley play a role in positioning immediately without looking back toward the distant galloped away. Wang Lin flight side, side disperse soul, swept off around carefully, slowly extending, he did not know what place is it, now the most important thing is to know that here in the end is which! Then, if conditions allow, Wang Lin is commenced hearts repair breakthrough on the settlement plan! This is a quite wasted time plan Prior to this, he needs to be laid out a lot of things, in order to ensure foolproof scheme. Scattered power mean everything to start all over again, to this point, Wang Lin reluctant to choose. Lingers power, this body can not break through, and can only stay in the knot late

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Dan revenge hopeless. How can this the body lingers power the plight, but also practice to Yuan Ying possible, taking into account these two points, is only one way, you can barely do – Ticket really too little, not how much power the body three or asics tigers mexico 66 four days continuous burst, they got from the increase of a mere less than 20 votes, disappointed, and went to sleep. On these today! …The 210 Chapter concise avatar Flashing eyes, his soul spread himself fast, while flying around swept by. / Suddenly his body meal, his eyes look asics tigers mexico 66 to the north, two miles north of here, he was aware of two monks, is east clipped. The two monks are men, one of them quite young, repair is about early to build the base, the last one is asics running shoes men entering middle age, repair to achieve the early days of taking Dan. Wang Lin glanced body suddenly a move, to ponley of potential and flew toward the two. Wheat Guorong As awe-inspiring were the disciples, the compliance division life, went to the sky were reviewing the biennial Kai Ling will, the so-called Kai Ling will, in fact, is the sky were a unique immortality auction. The sky were to alchemy famous state of Chu, the its refining immortality, even some four comprehension country and also from this purchase transaction, it would just usually in the decennial Kailing Assembly, As for this small opening of the biennial Spirit will participate are often low generation disciples of the state of Chu sects counted as one small experience. Small Kai Ling will not appear too precious Danyao, often are some standard Danwan for low generation disciple immortality, is not asics running more demand thing. To know but all the sky were produced to be better than the similar immortality, the effect is higher than a chip than the way, as long as Dan yellow sky were refining out, have a certain value, it is loved by others . Skylight cases, asics mexico 66 usually in addition to this Kailing will reject all transactions, so this time even biennial of small Kai Ling will Chu martial, still sent a large number of low-generation disciple attend . For their own wheat Guorong from many disciples jumped out to participate Kai Ling would feel extremely proud, but asics mexico 66 he knew, his reason to participate in all of this because he has a good master. The thought of this, wheat Guorong’s eyes, on the front of the middle-aged people, this person looks ordinary, sallow, the systemic and looked as if ready to look for dead. But wheat Guorong point can not be underestimated, regardless of the body and mind are all full of respect, first Needless to say this man is his Master, this people alone repair already reached the early days of taking Dan, just this point, Jimmy Guorong that their luck is excellent.