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Hearts sharp Chung anger. Let him listen to no less than any other’s a nonsense to and deep an ice Hands flip. Huge Genju feet disappeared in the hands. The right hand light probe while. In the crowd, as the next. Blue flame. The Niao rising. The dark eye reflection hideous glaucoma. Like since Nan’s voice behind the murderous. munfdjkwn So that the presence asics gel virage of all face slightly. Cloud rhyme emergency channel. Looking down at that blue flame floating gently in the palm of your hand: your own force to strike cloud edge is some impossible, right? Jinrizhishi I do not care about you go. Xiao Yan looked Wave whizzer asics cloud. Mouth overflow touch ridiculed by the left hand is also slowly rising. Palm flash. Sen white flame. Suddenly appear in all sight. The presence of people. Are shoved shrink. Yunshan. Different flame you force me. Xiao Yan Nan whispered. Hands is a slight pause. Soon all under the watchful eye. Slowly close. Cloud-lan. The few dynasty suddenly Shanlue the to. Soon stay at the top of an outstretched. When their eyes swept Xiao Yan slowly close in the hands of two different fire. But could not help but suck down cold lump. Hyperion East stature in the treetops. Stunned looking at the the plainer flame that close. Almost sluggish whisper. (At night there are updates. Strong need to asics gel virage recommend votes. Monthly pass. Gentlemen. Smashing over it. The evening. Cloud edge old dog will die people Yuanmin. The Buddha the anger lotus terrorist powerful. Necessary in this cloud Lan were on burst but really belongs to Xiao Yan strokes Oh. O (_) O ~ Gentlemen. Taking advantage of the large letters. You discuss monthly pass. Thank you.Three hundred and sixtieth chapters kill the cloud edge Three hundred and sixtieth chapters broken sky kill the cloud edge Three hundred and sixty three chapters hit the cloud edge!Do not! Eyes staring at the cloud rhyme kind of Korea cheek. Xiao mouth overflow touch of astringent. Gently shook his head. Whispered: Palm Weitai. Plainer the fire lotus slowly floating into the sky. Xiao Yan face expressionless flick of the arm. Plainer fire lotus. Instant into an Mans. Cloud away edges Baoshe, fled into the below. In numerous road eye gaze |. Plainer the fire lotus like an alien meteorite since the days. With destruction like atmosphere. Across tiger mexico 66 the sky. Then catch up with that look of fear cloud edge. Face of grim shouted. The Hesheng fall. Plainer fire lotus. A Road horrified eyes. Crashing explosion. This moment. Like like the exploding tenrai. Few resounded through the cloud-lan were a few hundred miles!Three hundred and sixtieth chapters of the Bureau of the life and death! Broken sky three hundred and sixtieth chapters of life and death Bureau. Three hundred sixty four chapters of Health’s Bureau. Thunder loud noise exploding sky. At the moment. Cloud Lan Peak. As if it were in an instant. Turning to an erupting volcano. Red-hot the plainer flames. Waves into the fire. Into the arc-shaped diffusion open. The This Yisha. The whizzer asics clouds the Arashiyama start the violent shaking. A tract huge cracks. Spread along the hillside open. = Stone rolled down. Trees burned. Just like a destruction doomsday scene. Surging waves the fire. A huge fire like wave Lotus in the cloud Arashiyama asics running shoes Peak formation. Even a hundred miles radius. Are clearly visible. Cloud-lan were within the radius of hundred miles. Number of people looked up. Looked at the fire in the Cloud the Arashiyama Peak bloom open lotus face shock. Even if such a far distance apart. Still let people feel the hot air seems suddenly a asics tiger mexico 66 lot. Buddha anger lotus perfect shape. Destructive. Actually terror predicament From the sky in the cloud-lan hill just a few meters away. Hyperion East stature flashed out. Looked at the huge fire lotus in the days between Wang Li. Feelings to that spread out hot blast. All could not help but feel some dry Shezao. This forces. Is too horrible. This East, Xiao Yan cast out? The shock on the face can not hide. He contingent has been extremely high to see Xiao Yan. Still did not expect. A big bucket teacher. Actually able to cast out so even tiger mexico 66 though even he felt palpitations terrorist attack. Not far from asics tiger mexico 66 the in Infliction days beside. Law Ma with a wry smile and a nod. Every meeting. The youth called Xiao Yan seems surprised them. Now he cast such a mysterious fire lotus. More severely shocked them with a handful. The thought here. Law Ma heart suddenly sorry and regret the hidden potential in accordance Xiao unfolded today.

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Really has not worse than the value of cloud-lan behemoth on how much that is. To Xiao Yan sin a cloud-lan were not completely uneconomical. Act glanced at Hyperion East, standing not far from vacant. In mind whispered. The eyes of the firmly fixed on the fire lotus in full bloom at the Hyperion East face some ugly. The hand-wringing smile. Last Xiao Yan Buddha anger.