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the key of wholesale snapbacks

A long time but can not get first and not of answer, driver old Wu Xiao of the one side saw one eye mulberry Yu, ask:”Young lady goes where?” The blue veins on the sum almost suddenly and violently spring up, the mulberry Yu bites a tooth, way:”Clear gold color garden in the lake.” The car slowly starts, the mulberry Yu fondled to fondle a temple, she drank not to calculate much tonight, but somehow or other the place of center of the chest will be so stuffy, after being all car the guy cent Duo for disliking the air in the car.Not from ground, she again thought of just that hands over cup wine and there is also that embraces “Young lady arrived.”Have already gone to clear gold color garden in the lake lived first and not, old Wu reminds the body is beside just in stunned mulberry Yu. “” Returns to absolute being, the mulberry Yu turns a head to see backward of first and not, he is tiny to open an eye and lightly smiled to smile to her. The mulberry Yu sees he smile a bit angry:”Which?” “A front.”Does not first and not have spirit to feebly answer a way. Old Wu goes toward a car ex- opened 1:00. “Seem to be not is this, again before 1.”Does not first and not say again. Old Wu goes toward a car again ex- opened 1:00. Old Wu’s driving a car approximately to round in the clear lake gold color garden is pretty much near a clock, end, the mulberry Yu cannot help but calling him to park the car and turn head, her Nu stared one eye roar a way first and not:”Is exactly which first and not?We already along the by the lake opens three returns, you inebriate connect your own house to live which none of remember?” The mouth Cape tiny Yang, first and not and not and tightly and not and slowly says:”I drink many, can not open eyes.Hasn’t the mulberry always already been to my house last monster snapback time?How to also can not remember?” He unexpectedly returns Tian impudicity the ground lifted to take advantage o last time she got drunk wine and turned she homing time. “Why do I want to remember which your house lives?”The eyes that the mulberry Yu a rightness of Yi Yi becomes bright are feel anger, ” first and not, I give you ten seconds, if you can not recall your house to live which, roll for me to get off, I have no a carefree effort to consume with you here.” Kneaded to knead a temple, didn’t first and not sigh an one breath, way:”Front, the third.” Hope in addition to window, looking at the building said first and not, the mulberry Yu annoys could not say words, because that building is in the beginning stop of the. Finally arrived, old Wu’s handing didn’t first and not get off. Mulberry Yu’s stretching out a hand doesn’t first and not be fierce to a way to:”Control at gate card, key.” Is first not- slow to touch go out to forbid card and key to hand over to mulberry of Yu.Answer, mulberry Yu in quick time alignment supervision door. Walk into elevator, hope that number, the mulberry Yu hesitated once and pressed the key of wholesale snapbacks the 18th floors, in the impression first what non- house live is the 18th floors. That supports elevator to fondle a hand doesn’t first and not see, light break into laughter voice:”Unexpectedly you can also remember that my house lives to be on the 18th floor.” Carry on the back to toward him, the mulberry Yu bites a tooth, lazy get and his useless talk, wants to send back him house as soon as possible, she goes home to take a rest earlier. “Ding-” finally arrived, the mulberry Yu came out elevator in quick time the square rightwards walk. That just exceeded an elevator first the non- mouth Cape light Yang, he not only remembers floor, but also remembers that he lived for her which door but feel joy.Loose opened old Wu’s hand, he talked quietly:”Thanks, I can walk by myself.” Old Wu ambiguously smiled to smile and said:”Mr. Chen2 , old Wu didn’t send you to enter a door and descended first go to, bother you turn to tell a young lady, I wait her in the down stairs, the person is getting older, perhaps high.” “Okay, thank you.”Does not first and not smile to follow with eyes old Wu Jin’s elevator, then treads to the oneself doorway. The mulberry Yu puts key into lock bore, breathing feel after death, even none of bodies turns and then asks:”Password?” First the non- hand support a wall, body to anteversion Qing, bent the head in the ear of mulberry Yu to talk quietly a string of number:”001224.” In entering the key of door, the hand Jiang’s the mulberry Yu such as stone carving general Zheng is over there an on new era snapback hats every occasion. She can’t forget that day, December 24, dd3d4SDd 2000 forever, the Christmas eve in that year, hungry a few hours after, is that he invited her to eat side. Afterwards, she listenned to his suggestion and was a Tae Kwon Do teacher to the proper way, 2 people went bank together while getting hold of the first wages. He says:”The nobody will be started a password with the beginning.” She says:”Beginning start a password to have what not good, remember come simple, lose convenience. He says:”Your bank card threw to try.Change a password.” She asks:”Change what?” He says:”Oneself thinks.” Hence, she loses descend 001224, then still his bank card the password compulsorily change 001224. He asks:”What mean?” She says:”Oneself thinks.” Bite lips, sign over there, an on every occasion, mulberry Yu feels that his/her own hands all are shivering. How 47 snapback does he also use this password? See the mulberry Yu sign over there on every occasion, doesn’t first and not puzzle a ground of wrinkly knit the brows, then the right hand cross her shoulders and stretch toward the control at gate combination lock and slowly pressed these six piece words.