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Receive the telephone of Su Zhi of that day of, is the first weekend that the last academic year of graduate student stage schools begins behind.Is exactly an evening, as the processing of Su Cuo is finishing a set of experiment data, being just intending to close the door, , the telephone rang. Telephone that Su Zhi’s orotund tall Kang is emollient, the first words are to report good news and say that oneself was a dad.This is regarded as Su Cuo this time receive most good news, she is delight with unexpected good news and listen to in detail Su Zhi make collective report a circumstance, even interjectory opportunities all asic shoes have no. The end orderanies her:”If free, come to France to see you of little niece.” This words Su Zhi also said some times, however the Su the Cuo first earnest consideration rises this affair this time.She originally also had a leave recently, the passport also did down and said again foolish in the graduate school is also seven up worrying of eight times, rather and really see oneself to the abroad that little niece who just was born?Then she definitely settles down. The process that goes to France needs in airport turning point in the capital city, the Su wrong wreath attends to while trailing a baggage box to pass maritime customs on all sides, similar jollification, similar person’s bearer goes toward.Four year ago university the graduation leaves this city and and comes back after four years, although outside become what appearance she not clear, but only see this turn over new empress of international airport, know that this city should also have a change. Su Cuo front of all of a group of peoples are foreigners and say very noisily what, say of dance and stamp not to stop to compare to row.Su Cuo for doing not need is harmed by he/she, toward retreating 1, but still up quilt a front that person beats to come to hand arm, the foreigner with a bushy beard immediately turns head a dynasty, she speak a string of French, then, and then said a long string English.Su Cuo’s English listens to the dint is very bad and plus that person’s asic gel kayano accent not standard, she just ambiguously listens to out he is in the apology, smile to put a hand. “He can take a shot together with him at asking you.”After death ring out a familiar voice. Su Cuo sees on turning head approach the Shao Wei that a year disappears to trail baggage to walk.He is dressed in the western dress of deep color, the clothes give very hot of perfectly straight, graceful bearing.Also isn’t only him, that is a group of people, 78 people are all dressed in very formally, Su Cuo as to it’s win one to contain impression, is the professor whom big China mathematics fastens, is a local well-known mathematician;She immediately thought of to just read international mathematics annual convention on the newspaper the news for convening in France, immediately and suddenly realize. “How do you also go to France?”The Shao Wei asks her. “See my little niece.”Mention this affair, the very happy of Su Cuo, cover up don’t live of joy. The Shao Wei stares at Su Cuo and smiles to nod:”Good.” Finish checking baggage, the Shao Wei introduces Su Cuo to those mathematician understanding.Know this beautiful miss is to learn physics of, is again if teach of satisfied pupil, to the benignity of Su Cuo is very. “To, ” Shao Wei asks her:”I hear teacher Zhao-” Once the facial expression of Su Cuo change and quickly interrupt his words:”I know that you need not said again.”The Shao Wei is breathed a sigh.She is still this, from make the decision a piece of close owner in the outside. They are in the first class cabin, and her seat isn’t in 1.On sitting down by the side of the window, she starts taking a nap.Started two days ago, she started rushing about, tired get surname what almost don’t know.Hear the method in the using of stewardess gentleness two languages remind the regulation of the traveller’s take-off front, Su Cuo shuts eyes to in a dazely think:Some in the last yearses, she seems to be always to struggle to make a living in the exhausted weariness from overwork.Why does the life make into this appearance?She by herself also not know reason, also not want to know reason. After going to France just discover that Paris is raining, rain of the foreign country’s hasing a liking for to go to don’t also distinguish with domestic, Su Cuo made a phone call in response to the morning for Su Zhi in the airport, the telephone of home, cellular phone always no one connect to listen to.She almost the Ou must throw up blood quickly, very anxious to immediately buy a ticket to fly to return to.In the language environment completely unfamiliar foreign country, she which fear to have 18 sort skill in martial artses don’t use.The unique is rejoicing and return not only her a person here so much. The Shao Wei looking at her:”How did you in advance don’t tell your elder brother?” Su Cuo is malicious to trample smooth can the floor of Jian, smile that calls one helpless:”I want that giving him is surprised pleased, can he the pouring give me well and directly surprised.” “That goes to a cabaret with us, then makes a phone call to seek him.” Paris imagines with Su Cuo mediumly decidedly different, she once saw everything of this city in dd3d4SDd Su Zhi’s photograph and had already once grasped the romantic feelings in it and the romance, thick history breathing filled the air everywhere, all everythings she combine in addition to never thought that, don’t feel fresh as well, imitating the Buddha has already come here.It is another matter to make her surprising:Walk all the way, various open-air coffee shop in the street, restaurant arrive park, the eyes of the masses asics tigers mexico 66 are fixed on hot kiss of lovers everywhere it is thus clear that, which afraid is rain can not delete to reduce them of fascination, just make this environment had a liking for go to more romantic.