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Lightly vindictive start looming. One pair of iron fist clenched. The joints between. Issued Kaka to sound.Looking at the state of combat Hmong, Xiao Yan helpless shrug, this guy is the degree of risk of induction, far beyond his expectations, so. The Xisha the plan, already failed.However, the attack is just Xiao Yan lazy Province, some air force. Now saving the intention has been broken, Xiao Yan does not care about the little extra hands and feet, and, after several months of penance, Xiao Yan also do need to fight for to measure their progress.Body slightly twisted twisted, and the sound Cui Xiang bones. Not Bihe Meng, palms slowly spread out, immediately grasping it firmly, yellow vindictive swarmed fist.Like discount asics a giant Warcraft. Rampage front of Xiao Yan storm washed away.Looked at coldly carrying ferocious the underlying strength lunged the Hmong, the Xiao Yan palms slowly stretched from. Instant, suddenly spread out light shouted: Fall as Xiao Yan Sheng ferocious underlying strength, the suddenly to palm Kuangpen out the heavily hit in that storm washed from the Hmong over the body.Muffled bang, the the Hmong face of bloodthirsty slightly solidified the stature of the pediment fell suddenly shot out of the soles of the feet tightly clutching asics tigers mexico 66 the ground, until after ** a several meters deep groove in the ground, just slow slow stop..color.The feet again stomping ground, Hmong the speed asics outlet become markedly more rapid than previously Kuangmeng speed, we played the wind pressure, the tent holding up bulging.Countenance was calm feeling a sense of oncoming Kuangmeng wind pressure, body slightly to the side of Xiao Yan the huge land fists with a ferocious underlying strength discount asics to his ear Xie Fei out.Toes gently on the ground for a draw, Xiao Yan is around to the Hmong behind ghostly contains a grudge fist, heavy hit above the cervical vertebrae.Wei Zhou brow, the Xiao Yan lightning recovery fist, with the help of their own speed, fist elbow suddenly instant hit, every attack, have all hit in the same place, suddenly the tent sounded a contiguous rock beat sound.proudly sneered.The palms slightly curly, slightly a contact with the soles of the feet of the Hmong the tyrannical forces behind, suddenly Xiao Yan stature shoved down shot out.lest disturb me a good thing. His fists on the chest slowly spread out. Hermon asics tigers mexico 66 feet a stretch, the hair on the top of the head, even stud erect up slightly some pale of vindictiveness, rapidly flashed in the eye pupil.A white gas, Hmong spit from the mouth. At the moment, Xiao Yan seem to find the Hmong to hand and feet, suddenly bulk up.** Top of the arm, pale muscles constantly encouraging, a Unit of ferocious strength, cohesion in its asics running shoes next rapid.End, boy! Feel gushing to power in vivo, Hmong front of Xiao Yan a grin. munfdjkwn The dense white teeth look reveals a sub-hunting contingent.Looking at the strength suddenly soared many Hmong, Xiao Yan face slightly solemn, among the palm. The vindictive cohesion.The strength of the body, after brewing instant is entering the peak, Hermon feet riding the surge of speed, even with Xiao Yan flat.The front sight of a flower, the the face grim smile Hermon is flashed out huge fist, like the wind with oppression. Fiercely anger hit from the front of Xiao Yan head.Overhead upload to ferocious underlying strength, so Xiao Yan face slightly changed, palm, and the underlying strength suddenly Pushe, with the forces caused by the thrust reverser, Xiao Yan stature asics outlet Putui.Want to run? Body micro bow, and then like a creeping ground leopards general, the blink of an eye, they appear again in front of Xiao Yan.Hide looked no hiding, Xiao Yan brow wrinkled, vindictiveness of the body, the same rapid circulation, and then fists fiercely meet up.Dull sound. Exploding in tents. Two contact on the ground, loess is huge ** forces caused by the storm. Life and life

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of scraping away a layer.Xiao Yan clothes he painted some the grass juice dwarfed ground green stripes, which can get him extremely safe hidden in the jungle without being discovered.In the jungle, hidden in the shadows Xiao Yan, and saw two or three waves of a separate five-person squad, carefully watching the moves of these mercenary team hiding in the dark, after a moment, Xiao Yan able to determine these seemingly mercenary to capture Warcraft, in fact, is looking for something …Then the jungle cover and plant juices the hidden body odor, Xiaoyan Cheng successfully avoid these mercenary squad and those walking in the forest of Warcraft.After half a morning walk around to detect, Xiao Yan finally With a chance to know the identity of these mercenary squad.Softly sneered.This squad, Xiao Yan stare a lot of time, five five star, Xiao Yan admission to them to eat, and into the jungle to reason he would not have to fear another team to see.