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Look at the surrounding magma within. Dense surfaced with countless triangular eyes. A fire beast leaps from the magma. Skip to Wang Lin, where the soil moncler sale converse shoes sale ball. Slowly climb down. Wang Lin soul. It does not have a clue. Time slowly past. Succession there are a few fire beast from above the melting Road. Exceptions. They who are carrying a soil ball. At this time. The whole magma suddenly shock. One only the fire beast immediately spread from magma. Reveal a blank sector. A great size fire beast. Emerge from magma. Wang Lin soul of a collection. Cautious wait-and-see. Ordinary fire beast. Only three feet tall. While only fire beast. Exposing only the head. Than Banzhang. Slowly. The fire beast  all exposed. The huge show an intense coercion Body. It appeared. Around the fire beast have stationary. Wang Lin heart surprised. This huge fire beast to show strength. No way weaker than the the Yuan Ying phase. Even stronger. But in the end how strong. Wang Lin never seen God of monks shot. It is impossible to converse shoes sale judge. This huge fire beast eyes sweep a circle. Slowly swim to the left. Followed. Is one of the same size fire beast. The final one after another appeared in a total of sixteen. The sixteen fire beast around in a circle. In the circle. A translucent-like ring of fire. Slowly from magma. Colorful light shining within. Wang Lin careful of your breath a look. Following in the fire ring. A vague ghost. The real slowly condensate. Forming a fist-sized fireball. A trace of red thin line. Connection between the ring of fire and fireball. This fireball appeared instantly. Sixteen great fire beast immediately light roar. One by one all the body leaping from magma. One knee. At the same time around the fire beast. All Growl. Body have leaps. Kneeling in the magma. Wang Lin is watching. Suddenly brain startled. The body and into the day against the beads. From his own eyebrows at first drilled. If it is time to stop Wang Lin. I am afraid that the day against the beads immediately emerged. At this time. A fire beast caught the ball moncler down coat to go down into the soil. Throw the past. Suddenly stopped in mid-air. At the same time, the fireball immediately rushed into the soil ball. While sucking sound in the silence cave exceptionally clear. Called loudly desolate. Suddenly came from the inside. Barking continuously. However, more and more small. Eventually completely no sound. Quickly. The slightest new nike shoes 2011 Scarlet mist wafting from the soil ball. Fireball drill from the inside out. The soil ball falling from the roof. Sink into the magma. Wang Lin, my heart sank. He now understood. These soil ball did not only their own lives. Presumably is the very soul, even if he do not have body care. That the soil ball is not dead. Is sleeping wake

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up to nothing. Subsequently. There are four soil ball toss. Eleven drill into that fireball. Screaming sound. Lasted nearly half an hour. After the fifth soil ball sink into the magma. Wang Lin shelter soil balls. Heavy thrown. His eyebrows at moncler down coat the day against the beads. Trembled violently. Rushed to an unprecedented situation. Break free of the shackles of Wang Lin. At this time. That fire group. Got into the soil ball where Wang Lin.One hundred and thirtieth chapters burnt country drastic changes in (b) The entire soil ball, fireball Qingjushulu surge of hot breath immediately spread and like drill directly to the middle, but at this time, the day against the beads suddenly rushed out, that fireball hesitated, not hesitate to quickly turn around. ~ ~ ~ ~But late day against the beads ignoring all obstacles within the soil ball lightning hit the fireball, fireball came a gasp, immediately struggled up, but did not wait for it struggled a few, they quickly beads absorption. Originally carved on the day against the beads surface a few leaves at this time has gone, but replaced by a flame, and soon, a group of another flame, continue to appear on the day against the beads. The fireball increasingly dark, eventually completely lost brightness dissipated in an instant. munfdjkwn In this case, the flame on the day against the beads appeared 10th regiment, then the whole beads suddenly lit concentrated renowned light, this light is clear even in the soil ball spread out from within. With the disappearance of the fireball, the soil ball at this time in connection with the ring of fire red filaments connected suddenly darkened, their names immediately Bengduan. Wang Lin stared to see all this in front of, not only his stunned new nike shoes 2011 even fire beast in the cave, but also the sudden turn of events, to stay where I do not know what to do. Day against the beads quickly this time close to Wang Lin, reintegration into his eyebrows, Wang Lin is no time to take a closer look, body flick gravitational surgery suddenly control soil ball suddenly rushed up, drill down a melting Road into. All occurred within a very short time, until Wang Lin, where the soil ball flying out of those fire