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In this blazing hot asics running shoes men summer in

He just discovers at this time, oneself originally imagines to younger sister not equal to he or she to mediumly and so concern.Even the birthday none of small matters like this remembers, he still has what reason interfere with her of affair? Don’t notice to this problem, the look in the eyes of Su Cuo was abrupt however on jumping, the vision sees toward the side of door.Follow her vision, Chen Zi Jia sees allow a Hao facial expression quietly over there. Smiling to receive with him is a , Su Cuo starts to grasp the schoolbag and that document to start to leave.She lightly said a sentence while passing asics running by to allow a Hao nearby”all the way walk well”.The voice is very low, but Su Cuo know that he heard, she slightly low vision, seeing his hand is in the tiny dither. She is tiny tiny in the dining room front door a stop.Packs dark brown glass on the door, the glass window look like the mirror and reflect an everything of dining room.Allow a Hao to sit at just her seat, the outline handsome Yi of side face was uncommon;He opposite 2 people have volatile facial expression, the end settles a space at seriously and up. In this blazing hot asics running shoes men summer in, allow a Hao to finally ascended the airplane of foreign country. Su Cuo,such as oneself, says of, exactly didn’t send him in airport.She sits in the classroom of steaming hot to looking at the book that borrows out from the library that day.The gradual Qin perspires bead on her forehead, but it happened that center of palm inside the least bit the temperatures all have no. Yang Xue arrives at study hall and calls her to have supper in the asics whizzer evening. Feel like have never heard someone call she, Su Cuo still keeps keeping the posture of seeing the book and there is no action.What Yang Xue walked is just near to see she take a black cover of big department head book, have a little old, on the cover ambiguously print “thesis word” so a few words.The table’s top sky of her in front none thing, even a pen all have no, schoolbag insurance insurance of put on another chair, be like have never opened. Three weeks after, Su Cuo received to allow one Hao to send back from the United States of envelope.The envelope inside is well a to binding to print paper, each up all wrote date, lately old different, line up very neatly according to the sequence of time.The inside returns supplementary a piece of note, up wrote a row of characters”originally prepared in the airport to return to you.Now, I send to you.” The letter is what Yang Xue brings Su Cuo, she knows is allow a Hao to send, not from get curiosity to greatly rise, also move over here to see:”Blind man country with Plato of the Yu of cave?How don’t I understand.Ha, originally isn’t a love letter.” Su Cuo slowly changes direction the window to the head outside. Have already signed an autumn at that time, the new semester has already schooled begins as well.However the hottest the weather still linger to leave, the tree in the school after the whole hot summer of so, leaf’s slices are all green of hair old, have no a Jing dozen to adopt, have a little again unwilling drop down like this, the on the brink of death persistence hangs in the treetop, with endlessly do the game of end in summer. Big three categories very tight, the lesson is many at ordinary times, the weekend is also carefree don’t come down.The midterm is just very not easy to have a weekend behind, Su Cuo finally finds time to remaining for time and went to a part-time company.That is a high big and luxurious office building, all of four walls are dark brown glasses and locate at in the most expensive district of whole citieses. She sees Chen Zi Jia’s uncle, the most serious person.He sits on the generous office desk a behind and lifts eyes to see Su Cuo.This girl’s beauty and all over flowing spiritual influences all call him shocked.Before seeing Su Cuo, he all anyway has never thoughts Chen Zi Jia to make every effort to recommend of the procedure member incredibly is a girl, and so fastly completed a very complicated task smoothly. He orders to say:”You can arrive to work here after graduating.” Don’t know how much person crowded break a head to also think into this company.Su Cuo thinks so that she owes a body and takes the smile that a silk appreciates favors given dd3d4SDd on the face. The delightfully fresh smiling face like this makes the other party for seeing inching one Zheng.He hands glasses, as if deep in thought of say:”No wonder that.” Su Cuo from the door of office of outside Yan, Chen Zi Jia sits on the outside last chair first-class she.Up arrive big four, he is anti- to pour free.Although have never asked him, but Su Cuo also knows that he also wants to go abroad to read aloud graduate student next year.They of that professional, the opportunity to go abroad is very high, it is said that had 34% ten students all and flew more heavy ocean last year, arrived another faraway big continent.Plusing Chen Zi Jia’s result is excellent, English fluent look like his/her own mother tongue, there is also so impeccable financial situation, therefore as long as he would like to, greatly can appear in the whichever place. Under the employee of the company attention gift, two people multiply by elevator to leave. “Do I hear that you no longer make it’s part-time?” “The course is tight and have no time again busy another.Say again, your uncle gives of the treatment is very big.”Although Su Cuo says words, the footstep never stop for a moment walks over there toward the across street, her air doesn’t stop to see form in a hurry.