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“Do not you feel that you are very boring?”Rice is getting more thoroughly cool, drive Wang Hao so on stiring, first and not and more didn’t want to eat. Wang Hao jumps to block at him is before the body:”I say not, you actually like not to like a somebody else, if you didn’t like a somebody else, the elder brotherses made track for.” Is first not- white Wang Hao Yi’s eye, lightly push away him, walk toward pond. The hand that washes rice basin stops bottom, didn’t first and not hope a faucet to start foolish. He mutually impassability current men and women’s livinging is how to think, seeming into the university will be in love.He tests into university is to study, be not to be in love. From he reasonable, have been making great effort to study very diligently, because he has 1 the family like that, pain the ground passed examination the H is big, in this year much inside in addition to studying, is still study, can seek after his ideal is a graduation a good work, can buy rise belong to own one suite son, connect out in street from the west and thoroughly show filial obedience a mother and let to gave the mother of greater half generation son a hard time the mother, very good Anne enjoys old age. The mulberry Yu, that rich family’s young lady, does nothing all day long, because she, he has already been compelled live outside of school.Today, see she wear be like first sun rays in the morning Lee to say so, be like be like a pure liliaceous, he admits, that a moment, his Mo Ming of very nervous, even very disorderly. This mulberry Yu doesn’t understand to retreat in the face of difficulties at all and lets him really perplexs. The hands support pond side, he profoundly sighed an one breath, this matter not ability if this continues, he didn’t so consume with her for several times, he wants to do of the affair is a lot of, he isn’t the toy of the carefree L of the rich. Determined the viewpoint in the heart, he quickly washed rice basin, returned to dormitory and prepared the lesson in afternoon. “Hey-” mulberry Yu is grinding teeth to lightly hum and squating down in the pit of toilet “courageously war” to diligently write. These several days for walking fair lady route, she wears skirt every day, two leg wretchednesses wore the 1 F very thin silk stockings, the bise blows through that silk stockings she well that aweather weak. Want the poise to don’t want temperature, this not, the retribution came. This pulls today for the fourth time, snapback caps two legs are beating to sway, besides which, , she even returns some slightly catch a cold evidence. Slowly start, two legs have already squatted down to tingle, she pours to take out an one breath:”Mao-” “Ah, I say, you are just- said is true?Did first and not and really have girl friend?This is impossible.”At this time, came in two girls in toilet, an among those girl’s words, make the mulberry Yu put is buttonning up door the last hand to shrink back. Didn’t first and not have girl friend?! “All got abroad this morning yes, said that didn’t first and not carry in good entered a school of door, in good sat on his car after, very intimately depended on him.This how many days they 21 goes to dining room and has a meal and goes to library together, 2 people have say smiling of, isn’t this that the men and women are in love with, also be what?” “Admire, really have this time matter son?I still think HK518 that dead fish will break H greatly in this year much of record.Unexpectedly kill a distance to bite a gold to come out halfway.” “The ah just isn’t a distance to bite a gold.In good grow nba snapback hat quite good, is them the class of the class flower, is also that they fasten of fasten a flower, at the beginning we are just known to good made track for don’t first and not don’t catch up with for a long time, who know 2 people always is make an underground romance.This not, first and not drive that dead fish to force nasty.” “Is also.With first and not of personality, if will like that fish is getting more strange.Although that fish home is rich, rich how hear again can fight very much, whole is one small too younger sister, which boy fall in love with her absolutely is seek dead and wait to take a beating every day.” “Ha ha ha-” Listen to two voices gradually and far go, the mulberry Yu nfl snapbacks gnash teeth in hatred ground hold 1 buttons up of the hand Be just tiny to move to move. Die fish, originally does her nickname call the fish of dying? Doesn’t first and not have girl friend, that girl be still with his classmate, Be called to good?She can fight very much, is that one is too small younger sister, the boy falls in love with her be seek dead?Doesn’t first and not and impossibly like her? The dark wears a face, the mulberry Yu returned to dormitory.Because have been having loose bowels today, she invited sick leave, whole all empty dormitory her a person.Suddenly, her mood is very fidgety and touch a cigarette and lighter from Cape in the bedside and order previous , ruthlessly absorbed a quite a few. She doesn’t believe first and not in very short several days, ability Mo Ming wonderfully comes out a girl friend comes out, if really be like those, two big two girlses say of, dd3d4SDd those are first and not the words that doesn’t say that evening and are playing her.Her wanting to clear up that matter is true or leave, she has to seek he begs a certificate. She usually be suit the action to the word, see first and not of course form, he has no lesson, and will examine for several days this afternoon, this meeting he should be in the dormitory be read a book in the library.Make a phone call their dormitory, the persons of their dormitory all say that he went to library.