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he is snapbacks hats just preparing to turn

Today seem to be all day long don’t hear her voice, saw come is none of a days here. Ever since that night, after 2 people once fought, he then keeps clear of her and has already feared that 2 people met with, a burst of and embarrassed.She also pours well and again don’t seem to be formely so, be like to visit a soul every day at his in front the east float west to concuss. Don’t know is that he avoids her, or she avoids him. Tiny a bit bitter and astringent in the heart, he heads for a door beside and connects to press several bottom switches, the light of living room isn’t bright either.Want to don’t think as well, he returned to building specialty, door, head for the electricity that the stairs leads a way, shone on once, indeed as expected is a fuse to jump. Return to a house inside, he took tool, and then arrived at the place of electricity, draw down give or get an electric shock Zha, start replacing fuse.Change good after, he will give or get an electric shock Zha to push up, once stand on the stairs way in, the Leng Leng started foolish. Today is his 22 first anniversary birthdays, he beats for mother to conduct electricity words, sorry can not return to see her, the mother receives telephone voice to seem to be very happily very much, the mouth hardly says:Come back why, remind that I suffered calamities 22 years? Say like this on mother’s mouth, in the evening will definitely happy must can not sleep. He will definitely stand out, will she the street connect out there from the west. Return to a house inside, he is snapbacks hats just preparing to turn on the light of living room to try, but drive in the moment shining to frighten. On the dining table, a heap of candle puts a heart form, dd3d4SDd the inside Cape in living room puts to put two Capes high candlesticks, laurel joss-stick up be wellputting fresh flowers and candle, still filling the air in the air to smell so much, deeply wear a kind of unclear pure sweet. The girl who didn’t see for that a day after death has a rightness of wings, the head is last the circle of the floss Rong, be dressed in whole body strange arrive an ability not again strange white princess’ crinoline skirt, hold a big cake, up also order a candle, slowly arrive at his in front, toward he sings song: “Happybirthdaytoyou!Happybirthdaytoyou!Happybirthdaytoxianfei!Happybirthdayto-you-” The face facial expression is unspeakable to have muscular spasms, his Jiang wears body to sign over there on every occasion. ” First and not, today is you of birthday, Xu Ge Yuan, then blow candle to put out.”The mulberry Yu will mlb snapback put full the cake of 22 candles hold in his in front. A speech doesn’t deliver, doesn’t first and not turn round and then turn on the light of living room. The light of coming all of a sudden makes the mulberry Yu a burst of an orientation not, can strongly blink to wink. Wrinkly eyebrows, first and not says to her:”You what is this a stem?Wear into this kind of appearance, be like nhl snapback is like the mental derangement that the mental hospital rushes out!” First and not of the words are such as cold water, a while sprinkle the heart of mulberry Yu deeply cool, imitated a Buddha to fall into ten thousand Zhang abysses, can not get up from lying position any further. 12, unforgettable taste Bastard once Zi Ao! She will definitely pick his skin tomorrow and said what must make super invincible romantic atmosphere, what boy like to see angel’s the appearance of a person in costume and makeup of girl sweet and pure amiability, what sing a song of time voice must Dia Dia of very sweet, what see the time of stupid bird eyes must blink blink of, almost didn’t blink her eyes twitch all put the dog smelly fart! The time in quick evening, she came back, the stupid bird had been doing not come out in the house, she rejoices sometimes puts a candle and also specially give repeated advice to the Zi Ao once sent to time of steak to want at 7:00, as long as sent to down stairs good, she took by herself.Wait until once the steak come to hand, she giveed the fuse of electricity Zha a lane to break and took advantage o stupid bird to go out time of changing the fuse, and she giveed all of all candles to order.Wait stupid bird to enter a door behind drive this romantic candlelight dinner to shock. But result?The stupid bird is shocked, can that isn’t that she wants of shock a result, not only didn’t peep out the facial expression of one silk delight, also scold the mental derangement that she is a mental hospital to rush out! Damn of once Zi Ao, she can’t definitely pass him.What sent her a bottle of good wine, thinking can arrive his so wrong? Spirit she cake to once the table throw, a pulled the wing of back, draw down overhead the circle of that indescribable floss Rong, the Yang wear a head to first non- roars way:”This is the angel, is an angel, your idiocy of even can angel and mental derangements all not distinguish?” Is first not- wrinkly the eyebrows looking at her, he certainly knows that to is an angel, but wears on her be be like mental derangement. Hope first and not that kind of facial expression, the mulberry Yu has never been like now so, sense of pride and self-confident heart are subjected to dual stroke and hurtle he roared 1:”Step aside!” Push away him, she will rush out a door, she wants to seek the Zi Ao to once calculate Zhang. Just walking is two, arm drive first and not to pull:”You want to go where?” “Mental derangement to where close you what matter?!”She jilted to open his hand and opened a door.