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a bruising emerge. The ankle Upload to severe pain, suck down a cold lump was Ge assassination, the wroth face more crazy, anxious, take a step back, get rid of the palm of Xiao Yan, right foot on the ground and one bomb, stature leveraging rushed midair , shoved a spin on top of the right leg, light cyan vindictiveness emerged out of an the illusory

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light similar fengren appearance, covered in its lap, last mercilessly cut down the front of Xiao Yan head. The Rebuke Road. The looking at move Ge assassination, Xiao Yu, Liu Mei is also slightly Yizhou, but soon is to stretch to original Jia Lieao even with a mysterious order fighting skills, not too Xiao Yan interrupted arm it. She did not believe this guy is a mere one-star strength can cause much damage to Xiao Yan. Raised his face, to slightly some sharp breeze, so Xiao Yan face some pain, and slowly raised his hand. Ge assassination at the TV drama acute drop down. With the fall Sheng an invisible underlying strength ferocious, fierce self Xiao Yan palm storm washed out the last severely hit in the chest on top of that is about to fall Ge assassination. The was inexplicable pounding chest at his face cold and Ge assassination. Suddenly his face and one white, and after instant stature fierce shot down out of a blood, Kuangpen out. Stature in the injection of more than ten meters, is heavily hit in the stone on the ground is hot by boiling, Ge assassination body slightly twitching, his face looking away in horror atlanta jerseys that kept the teenager out of hand posture a stuffy chest, a black eyes. Finally a dizziness in the past. By the strong Ge assassination attack, to a sudden inexplicable shot down out of this in just over ten seconds of time. While looking at the electro-optical flint. Would the outcome had been the situation, tents, inside and outside, almost invariably maintained silence. Under inflammation of the day, those freshmen looked silly collapsed not far Ge assassination around the fiery eyes suddenly shifted to that moment later, the boy was standing in the shadows. But they saw the first freshmen to seniors defeated, and this new land Age look, it seems than they are even smaller previous point. Of several freshmen look like pretty girls, blazing eyes stared at one Blackshirts the face dull boy, eyes almost worship the stars in the beating, if it is anachronistic at this time, I am afraid that they will not help but tip called TWO worship to vent their emotions. The amazing Xueni shook his head. The latter fact, as she proved that munfdjkwn the previous Xiao Yu said the words braves apparel of the authenticity. Road knot Baba inquiry. Joke, a one star who can be easily labeled as this looks like, its strength is simply than most people to be tough. Xiao Yu sweet smile nike nfl football firmly fixed on braves apparel the field juvenile eye inexplicably flashed a touch of splendor, a moment later, she learned to the appearance of Xiao Yan threw your hands, smiling authentic: beat him, you say he is not the Big Dipper? give us? Yunhong pushed her Qiaolian Xiao Yu suddenly my heart inexplicable mumbled: Suddenly came out of the heart, then suddenly a hot, let Xiaoyu Jiao tender nike nfl football sharp-eared front of their own hearts hurried Pooh a few times, and then rushed to calm the mood, and did not dare to cranky. The other side of the laughter and Xiao Yu Rob, you face increasingly gloomy, cold eyes glanced Xiao Yan, mouth slightly twitching. : Lynn slender eyelashes gently blinking: Lynn gaze vaguely down the Xiao Yan cheap sports jerseys smoked two children, in her perception, this tent, on the only two men to give her a see The uncertainty in the mind to feel in her prediction. Two ground potential value, perhaps at least not less than the C-class. In fact, not only her, as long as seen in the tent the Xiao Yan previously shot other people, but also in the hearts secretly guess what level of potential, can be regarded as this may seem perverted guy? Laughed softly. See registration will begin Xiao Yu et al tent is also great interest in the side sit down. Wen Yan, Xiao Yu Weicu Liu Mei pondered a moment, she has not seen Xiao Yan to test level, so did not dare to be so full, free time cheap sports jerseys something goes wrong, but let Xiao Yan face does not look good, Xiao Yu, I do not know why, but some strange alternate Xiaoyan Si test again, it should be put before, I am afraid that the latter is more losing face, she will be more pleased. Hesitated slightly, Xiao Yu had just said a somewhat conservative answer: road. Light smiled, Xiao Yu soon no longer speak, eyes dropped into the center of the tent that assessment has begun. Located in the left row of the first of a dark-skinned young face slightly red the first to report the data. The instructor Lynn quick note of the students smiled and nodded his head