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Side of the Valley, Nepal, listening to these types of herbs, face suddenly changed, eyes doping surprised and bewildered looked the man in black.the heart hop, implied the asked with a smile.Looked at the back disappeared around the corner, the narrow Meimou of Ya-Fei micro squint softly: that have herbs What is wrong with it? Valley Nepal uncle. Valley Nepal nodded slightly, with a sigh, smile: Heard Ya-Fei Qiaolian is a change, speechless: Nodded Valley Nepal exclaimed: Ya-Fei rocked and shook his head, flow Meimou splendor, softly muttered: Chapter 55 carelessHave to say Mirtl auction publicity effect is very powerful indeed, Xiao Yan spiritual solution to build the base to the auction will be just one day after almost houtaing city large and small, all the forces are aware of the news, suddenly , all are hard work boiling up.Mysterious order exercises the last auction clubs auction, the kind of high price items, only a handful of large forces qualified auctions and other weaker forces have had to feel powerless and frustrated.Ichor of building the base, for many people, but to look more realistic in order to be able to let their own children and grandchildren as soon as possible to be a bucket, many elders asics shoes sale are willing to spend money to buy the affordable but not particularly expensive things.When built keeling liquid when in Houtain the city uproared of Xiao Yan, reclusive family, but also gradually hear some of the sound of the wind, looked a mere seven asics shoes sale bottles is not pure spirit of building the base liquid is so much noise so grand, in consternation at the women asics shoes same time, he is once again feel the unique charm of immortality on this continent.In the next day when xiaojia is also received Mirtl auction invitation,

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perhaps because last war Hsiao to Xiao Yan purchased the building the base Ichor sake, this again build the base Ichor several elders in the family is interested in, especially the several descendants failed to reach the level of the Big Dipper elders, more eagerly to the extreme.The time in the afternoon, had intended to Xiao Yan slipped out alone, but Xiao war sent the first to notice a cry, helpless, and he also had to follow behind the messenger, went against the family at the gate.Came to the door at not only Xiao war in asics mens shoes here, even a few elders Bay here looks very lively.Xiao Yan looked up at the slowly over the war Hsiao grinned, bayan urging the cry.Looked at Xiao Yan sigh, go near the father urging but his eyes Piaojian to Xiao war beside the two, could not help but microfold brow.Micro Pianguo Tou, looking at middle of the crowd, Kaoru children, Xiao Yan shrugged at her, smiled and said: The appearance, skinned a sauce, and is forgotten the pain verbally satirical Road.time resting, I am afraid asics mens shoes to touch less than the ninth segment bucket of gas, at women asics shoes most, seven days, I will be able to enter the ninth paragraph of the bucket of gas! when, who bones itch, it will not necessarily! Listen Xiao Ning remark, surrounded in ethnic elders around, could not help a little surprised gave him a side of elders, old head slightly color yield, presumably, that the grandson himself up a lot of face.The war Hsiao Wei Zhou brow, some displeasure stare Presbyterian a, Gang Yu, waving to the crowd to leave, but is suddenly Qiaode to Xiao Yan face hint of teasing smile, the moment could not help but surprised a moment, to mouth is swallowed go on.Looking at the look sneer and proud of Xiao Ning, Xiao Yan sip Minzui, was silent for a moment, just take along a take along head helplessly whispered: segment, it seems, I’m afraid you off than I am slow. Xiao-yan remark export around the tribe suddenly a static consternation eyes instantly transfer to face some frustration Xiao-yan, who are not careful … breakthrough?Dumbfounding shook his head, everyone hearts illegal channels, this little guy is really deliberately combat Pathwalker, poor Xiao Ning …Listening to Xiao Yan words, Xiao Ning proud face suddenly stiff, mouth twitch throat roll roll tightly staring at Xiao Yan, a moment later, and finally stunted soft down, I thought the touch bottleneck allow yourself to get back some of the face, I did not expect, but in exchange for greater blow.Hand pulling popular hit, Xiao Ning Xiao Yu, fiercely hacked Xiao Yan a rare but it no verbal irony, muttered: ah … how to ninth paragraph? Even weekdays and munfdjkwn very right path Xiao Yan, Xiao Yu heart still practice speed of Xiao Yan, feel a bit shocked